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The power of partnership

Artera and TrueCare have been awarded the CHIME Collaboration Award for their outstanding partnership to improve patient communication in the middle of a pandemic.

artera trucare win chime collaboration award


TrueCare's performance

Patients reached
Messages sent to their patient population
Reduced no-show rates

A Partnership for CIOs and Patients

How Artera and TrueCare joined forces to impact staff workload, clinical care delivery, and business development in the midst of a global pandemic.

TrueCare, a community health center serving diverse and underserved communities in San Diego and Riverside County, was struggling with record high no-show rates and call volume, and needed a better way to communicate with patients. They evaluated various patient communication vendors and chose Artera (formerly WELL Health) based on integration capabilities, a growth mindset, and a shared vision for the best possible patient experience.

Since implementing Artera, TrueCare has reached 150,000 patients via the platform and 8.3 million messages total – reducing their no-show rate by 4 percent.

The Artera & TrueCare partnership is a shining example of “better together.” Investing time and thoughtful process into selecting the right partner – not just a vendor – can make your patient experience and provider experience that much more successful.

Tracy A. Elmer, MS, CHCIO, RHIA, TrueCare CIO

“For me, choosing the right vendor partner relies on looking well beyond the immediate business need at hand, or the transactional perspective, and instead look to the full realm of possibilities and beyond.”

Ana Ramon, Member Access Point Director at TrueCare

“Our partnership with Artera (formerly WELL Health) revolutionized the way we care for our patients - both inside our four walls and outside.”

From TrueCare

On average, a call center agent can manage 40-60 calls per day, whereas with Artera (formerly WELL Health), an agent can respond to 50 messages per hour. The impact the partnership has had on TrueCare’s call center workload is astounding.

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