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Artera Harmony Patient Communication Software

Every patient communication. One phone number. Seamless orchestration.

Unveiling Artera Harmony - Patient Communication Platform

Join an insightful discussion between Jessica DaMassa of WTF Health and Guillaume De Zwirek, CEO and CoFounder of Artera, as they discuss the transformative potential of Artera Harmony. Hear firsthand how this innovation in patient engagement technology is set to redefine patient-provider interactions, making healthcare communications more efficient, streamlined, and patient-centered.

About Harmony

Transforming Patient Communication to Make

Healthcare #1 in Customer Service

In music, the result of a harmony is a cohesive sound that delivers a sense of balance and calms noise for the listener.

Artera Harmony embodies this notion, orchestrating
patient-provider communications into a cohesive,
calming melody amidst the chaos.

Artera Harmony, our next-generation SaaS patient
engagement platform, smartly streamlines patient
communications, minimizes message overload and
consolidates various channels for personalized care delivery.

Artera Harmony combines our omnichannel strengths
with many new capabilities and modern technologies
to transform patient conversations from simple texts to
intelligent conversational messaging.

With Artera Harmony, managing the healthcare vendor ecosystem becomes as smooth as a harmonious tune.
Together, let's make healthcare #1 in customer service by enhancing patient communication, boosting response rates, and reducing operational burden. Join our harmonious symphony of transformation.

The Next-Generation

Patient Communication Platform

Fueled by the Artera Marketplace, our platform brings together a dynamic ecosystem of vendors and customers utilizing our open APIs to deliver valuable content and workflows throughout the patient journey. The cornerstones of the platform include:

patient communications platform how it works

Harmony Marketplace

We're proud to have over 30 partners across 11 different categories spanning the entire patient journey. Check out our growing Marketplace.

secure patient-centered communication platform

Healthcare Solutions: Harmony in Practice

Dive into the exciting world of Harmony in this Fireside Chat between Dan Dodson, System Director at UNC Health and Guillaume De zwirek, CEO and CoFounder of Artera from our customer conference. Get a firsthand account of how our new innovation will bring more scalability, better security, and improved transaction efficiency to the platform.

Are You a Current Customer?

Join the Early Access Program

Ready to experience the future of patient communication? Get a head start with Harmony and join the many healthcare organizations that are committed to defining a better patient experience. Submit your Nomination for participation consideration below:

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Developer Portal Beta Program

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Intelligent Analytics Beta Program

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Gain Insights that are forward looking

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Ready to Harmonize
Your Healthcare Communication?

Our health is our most important asset and the care you provide your patients starts with great communication.  What are you waiting for? Contact us to learn how we can significantly improve your patient communications, engagement and business performance without putting more work on your staff. 

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