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Easy 24/7 Patient Scheduling & Automated Waitlisting | Simplify Your Process Today! →

Simplify Patient Scheduling

Artera ScheduleCare improves access to care for patients and providers with online self-scheduling and automated waitlisting.

The Demand for Patient
Self-Scheduling in Healthcare

Why Patients Want Self-Scheduling

of patients skip medical appointments due to scheduling hassles


of patients say they are more likely to choose a medical provider that offers the ability to book, change, or cancel appointments online


of patients expect to be able to schedule appointments online

Key Features & Benefits



Reduce time-intensive, phone-based manual scheduling by providing a consumer-like appointment booking experience that’s always online and available for your patients.

online self scheduling
Online Self-Scheduling

Allow patients to book appointments 24/7 effortlessly by finding available slots and booking appointments without phone calls or staff involvement.

automated waitlist (1)
Automated Waitlisting

Minimize no-shows and optimize slot usage. Patients are notified about earlier openings, keeping your schedule full and optimizing your revenue.

operational efficiency
Operational Efficiency

Eliminate time-consuming manual scheduling with an always-open digital front door that allows staff to focus on care rather than calling.

enhanced interoperability
Enhanced Interoperability

Integrate smoothly with 27 EHR systems for real-time data updates, reducing errors and streamlining operations.

unified patient experience
Unified Experience

Manage all patient communications through one platform, ensuring consistent and timely messaging for a better overall patient experience.

analytics and insights
Analytics and Insights

Use Artera Harmony insights to track patient engagement and refine your messaging strategies, boosting retention and satisfaction.

Why Choose Artera ScheduleCare?

Streamline your scheduling process to acquire and retain more patients, improve operational efficiency, and enhance interoperability with a seamless, user-friendly scheduling experience for your patients.


Acquire and Retain Patients

Increase patient bookings and revenue

Leverage conversational messaging to secure the appointment and follow-up

Enhance patient retention via SendMsg API and via link embed in automated outreach

Include a self-schedule link in population health campaigns for efficient scheduling and new patient acquisition

Gain Operational Efficiency

Decrease time and resources spent on manual processes

Improve slot utilization and provider productivity

Leverage tech that is easy to learn and use


Enhance Interoperability

Increase overall system cohesiveness and data visibility

Decrease data errors & ensure system interoperability

All patient messaging – including scheduling – is through a single phone number

Seize the chance to improve patient access and operational efficiency. Request a demo today and see how Artera ScheduleCare can transform your practice.