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Automate and Personalize

Patient Conversations for Better Engagement

Seamless communication for the modern patient journey, automated and elevated by Artera Harmony.

Better Experiences Through Better Conversations

Too often communication comes from numerous, unknown spam-like shortcode numbers and disparate channels that don’t respect patient preferences, causing frustration.

The problem?

fall through cracks
Care needs fall through the cracks
Missing vital touchpoints
broken patient ex
Broken patient experience

69% of patients are frustrated that they cannot engage in conversational text exchanges with their healthcare provider.

Customer Stories

The benefits of shifting to conversations

hanger colorized
Hanger Clinic

Improved staff satisfaction, reduced burnout, and built deep connections with patients


Expanded patient reach and reduced no-show rates


Streamlined workflows, boosted patient satisfaction, and recovered revenue

Conversational Messaging

How It Works

Artera Harmony: The most modern platform for unified patient engagement equips organizations to elevate their patient engagement practices and provide a better patient experience.

1. Staff Console

Artera Harmony integrates with your EHR to coordinate patient messaging, enabling your staff to engage with patients via text, email or voice.

2. Conversation Manager

Automate and trigger outreach across channels and languages for workflows like referrals, appointment reminders, inbound messages and more.

3. Conversation Builder

Create automated, personalized conversations with multiple exchanges that feel more human and less like a bot.


4. Conversation Packs

Predefined, leading practice templates to rapidly automate conversations and improve communication at critical points in the care journey.

5. Unified Communications History

View all messages sent through Artera Harmony to identify message type, sender and volume for communication optimization.

Engage Patients Across the Care Journey with Conversation Templates

Conversation Packs deliver a comprehensive set of pre-built templates that can be rapidly deployed within Conversation Builder.

The best part? Conversation Packs enrich the patient experience at every step of their care.


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