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Patient Communication, in Perfect Harmony

Provide a uniquely positive communication experience across every stage of the patient journey.


We Value Security and Privacy


How the Artera Platform Works

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Make Communication an Asset

Getting in touch with your doctor’s office should be easy - for both staff and patients. Simplify how you communicate with the award-winning, AI-powered Artera platform.

What Your Office Staff Wants

It's no secret that clinical support staff report high levels of burnout. A centralized solution supports efficient workflows and can minimize staff burden.

  • Meet patient needs efficiently and effectively
  • Tools to automate communication in a unified way
  • Support to initiate communication through the right channel

What Your Administrators Want

Building patient loyalty is essential to keeping your organization front of mind with patients to increase keepage and minimize leakage.

  • Deliver an excellent patient experience with consistency in timing and content
  • Build trust and engagement with patients through human elements like trusted phone numbers
  • Understand the impact of patient communications with reporting and analytics to meet organizational  objectives

What Your IT Team Wants

With a diverse stack of products to support, IT teams are looking for products that understand the nuances of healthcare.

  • Deep, flexible integration with the EHR and other digital tools for unified communication
  • Uphold high patient data standards and comply with industry regulations 
  • Layered security and settings to easily manage user access, permissions, and set standards across your enterprise

What Patients Want

Good patient communication starts by meeting the needs of your patients.

  • Well orchestrated communications that balances quantity and necessity 
  • Accommodate communication preferences, whether text, email, or call
  • Meaningful, convenient engagement with your care team 

The Basics

Good patient communication starts with a solid foundation.

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Personalized Communication for the Modern Patient

Coordinate outreach across the entire care journey, personalized to patient needs

Automate outreach across channels and language for key workflows to reduce care gaps

Unify and elevate complex communication needs for a seamless patient experience

Meet Patients Where They Are

Communicate with patients using their preferred method: text, email, or voice 

Reduce the need to download apps and keep track of passwords

Use preferred languages where possible to increase understanding

product-Meet Patients Where They Are
extended language support

Communicate Efficiently

Build & manage automated outreach based on triggers from your EHR and other third-party systems

Customize and schedule bulk communications, such as campaigns and broadcast messages

Simplify engagement by reducing hold times with Call-to-Text that automatically transitions to Conversational Messaging over SMS

Reduce Friction with a Centralized Staff Console

Minimize patient wait time with automated responses to inbound inquiries

Automatically escalate to a staff member for friction-free support

Access full conversation history for increased continuity of care

Collaborate with other staff in real-time

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Why Artera

The Artera Difference

Meaningful patient communication requires conversations.  Here’s what it looks like to go beyond the basics with Artera.

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Conversational Messaging

Empower patients to engage your team the same way they do with their family - emojis and all 👋.

Inbound Automations

Set up automated responses to common questions, like directions to your facilities or office hours.

Report _ Analytics
Intelligent Analytics

For more complex needs, your helpful staff can be pulled in to give that personal touch to your patients.

AI texting enabled conversations
AI-Enabled Conversations

Multi-step pathways provide patients with immediate responses without waiting for available staff.

integrations with all
Flexible Integration

Use your EHR & IT solutions to trigger conversations through your phone number.

Vendor Support
Vendor Support

But, we’re still here offering top-rated support if you get stuck or want to set up something new

staff escalations
Staff Escalations

Powerful reporting with data transparency and customization options to inform unique insights.

self service

Set up outreach triggers, adjust messages, and more without vendor intervention.

How We Help

The Patient Journey

Consistent communication used across the patient journey improves outcomes.

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Take the Next Step

Provide a better patient journey

Are you interested in improving communication with your patients and helping your staff feel less burned out? Request a demo of Artera today and see how it can streamline your workflows.