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API, FHIR, and HL7v2 integrations enable communication to and from the EHR and all patient-facing vendors. Explore our integrations.

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By integrating with Artera, our partners enable providers to deliver information and communications in context for their patients to create a better, seamless patient experience.

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Xealth is a platform for digital health, enabling clinicians to prescribe and monitor digital tools from within the EHR workflow; with their ecosystem footprint at 15+ vendors. Learn More >>



Azara is a centralized data reporting and analytics solution which facilitates care transformation, drives quality improvement, aids in cost reduction, and simplifies mandated reporting. Azara is the #1 ranked provider of population health solutions for standalone and networks of physician practices, Community Health Centers, Primary Care Associations, and Health Center Controlled Networks. Learn More >>



Blockit removes the barriers that stand in the way of excellent patient experiences by simplifying care coordination for any appointment. Their user-friendly platform empowers healthcare professionals across the country to offer efficient referral processes, improve patient access, and grow their practices. Blockit helps healthcare organizations find the patients they lose in the space between referral and appointment. Learn More >>



The Health iPASS product suite is designed to engage patients at every step of the patient journey by delivering 100% mobile patient intake, check-in, and payment, including smart appointment reminders, automatic insurance verification, and eStatements. Throughout the process, we provide patients with peace-of-mind through price transparency so they know what they owe. Learn More >>



The digital OTech platform supports patient engagement solutions that guide patients through the intake process with real-time, two-way updates into the nation’s leading EMR and PM systems:

Patient Intake, Mobile Pre-Check-In or Kiosk/Tablet Check-In, Appointment Reminders, Patient Payments, Update insurance, and E-Form Completion Learn More >>



Health Note is a clinically intelligent patient intake platform that creates an improved healthcare experience for care teams and patients by updating EHR data and automating clinical notes. Our mission is to empower patients to partake in their own health records and in turn enable our doctors to have up-to-date, clinical-grade, patient generated health records at the right place and time. Learn More >>



Tonic is a real-time mobile patient intake and contactless check-in platform that provides a seamless, easy and engaging way for patients to fill out any survey, sign any consent form, or make any payment when and where it’s most convenient for them. Learn More >>



RepuGen is a healthcare reputation management platform that helps practices proactively manage their reputation, monitor patient satisfaction and more: 

Survey patients after their visit via email or text to learn about their appointment experience, drive more patients to online review sites, receive feedback and get notified of unsatisfied patients… Learn More >>



Feedtrail, a patient experience management platform, personalizes the experiences of patients & employees to drive loyalty and act on insights in real-time. Learn More >>



Flywire is a global payments-enablement and software company, trusted by organizations around the world to deliver on their customers’ most important moments. Our responsive billing and payments platform leverages deep analytics and machine learning to understand your patients capacity to pay, their preferred method of engagement, and where on their healthcare journey we need to meet them. We’re delivering on your patients most important payments and maximizing collections for you and financial peace for your patients. Learn More >>



RevSpring transforms complex financial journeys into intuitive financial pathways by understanding human, historical, and fiscal context. Through data-driven insight, RevSpring designs, analyzes, and improves communications and billing solutions that increase consumer engagement and payment rates. Learn More >>



Arcadia is dedicated to happier, healthier days for all. We transform diverse data into a unified fabric for health. Our platform delivers actionable insights for our customers to advance care and research, drive strategic growth, and achieve financial success. Learn More >>



Mediktor drives patients online to our clients' care pathways using innovative technology that transforms the way users connect with healthcare players such as hospitals, insurers, pharma, and telemedicine platforms. Mediktor aims to improve access to healthcare worldwide and be the best healthcare solution for AI-based triage and pre-diagnosis. Learn More >>



WebMD Provider Services is the only full-service, healthcare-specific growth partner for health organizations, healthcare professionals, providers, and payers. We guide people to better health at all stages of their journey, from Discovery To Recovery. 

Our comprehensive expertise and breadth of capabilities create seamless, personalized health experiences that anticipate individual needs, empower action, and optimize outcomes. Learn More >>



Our digital transformation moonshot is aimed at building a human-centric healthcare ecosystem to change the patient experience and enhance the provider-patient partnership.

We enable superior convenience and seamless orchestration of the clinical and service experience of patients, physicians, and provider entities by leveraging our proprietary software platform and comprehensive solution portfolio. Learn More >>



VALER is a rich and robust, yet user-friendly cloud-based solution to manage, organize, and streamline today’s highly manual front-end administrative workflows around prior authorizations and referrals. Serving Hospitals & Health Systems, Physician Practices, and Payors, VALER provides real-time visibility into processes to reduce errors, duplicative work, as well as denials associated with manual authorization workflows. Mired in fax, phone, and manual data entry into web portals, VALER frees front-end office staff to focus on getting patients the care they deserve in a timely manner. Learn More >>



Memora's platform digitizes and automates high-touch clinical workflows, supercharging care teams by intelligently triaging patient-reported concerns and data to appropriate care team members and providing patients with proactive, two-way communication and support. Learn More >>



Gozio assists hospitals with the adoption of mobile technology by delivering the best end-user experience with the least customer effort. Our patented wayfinding platform can serve as the front end of a hospital’s entire mobile strategy with step-by-step, real time navigation and information that gives patients and visitors a compelling reason to engage with the assurance of never getting lost. Learn More >>



Everbridge (formerly Connexient) is dedicated to creating innovative Indoor Mapping, Navigation and Indoor Location-based Services Solutions for Healthcare and other Enterprise verticals. This is true turn-by-turn navigation - indoors! Nobody else is even close to the quality, accuracy & reliability of the navigation UX we are delivering. Learn More >>



As the #1 Adaptive Communications company, Hyro is turning complex data into simple dialogue with natural language automation and computational linguistics. Healthcare organizations across the U.S. trust Hyro to replace their rigid, intent-based chatbots and IVR systems with adaptive conversational experiences that are simple, fast and scalable. Hyro's vision is to automate digital interactions so that companies can communicate easily, convert more, and collect actionable customer insights along the way. Learn More >>



Well-Beat focuses on individualized communications for better patient compliance. Automated outreach and personalized engagement guides patients to the next-best action, with the right messaging, through the right channels, at the right time. Learn More >>



DrFirst empowers providers and patients to achieve better health through intelligent medication management. Improving healthcare efficiency and effectiveness by enhancing e-prescribing workflows, improving medication history, optimizing clinical data usability, and helping patients start and stay on therapy. Learn More >>



Combines workflow automation, patient engagement solutions and services, and applied AI to promote behavioral health integration in all care settings. NeuroFlow’s suite of services and HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based tools simplify remote patient monitoring, improve risk stratification, and facilitate collaborative care. Learn More >>


"Artera’s platform is a highly effective means for reaching individuals with relevant and appropriate education from WebMD. Together, we are closing that gap to ensure providers can present patients with the most relevant information, based on the point in their care journey."

Ann Bilyew

SVP, Health and Group GM

WebMD Provider Services

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Your Guide to Governance Today, a range of vendors communicate with patients during different stages of their care journey. Often,…

“Artera has brought a new era of patient communication in healthcare, revolutionizing the industry. It recognizes that integrating multiple partners into the network is crucial for true transformation; therefore, the company has assembled an extensive partner ecosystem to deliver the most comprehensive patient communication solutions available.”
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