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New Webchat Product

Artera Care Assist

Engage and acquire patients by connecting them instantly with the information they need. Artera Care Assist, powered by Hyro, is a digital virtual assistant that is available 24 hours a day on your website to answer patient questions and reduce staff burden.

Care Assist Logo Final (2)
Care Assist Logo Final (2)

At a glance

  • Integrate into your website within days
    Instant value from day one using the data sources you provide
  • Automatically pull in website content to surface to patients on-demand
    24/7 updates ensure patients access the most relevant information in real-time
  • Leverage NLU and AI Safeguards to deliver responsible AI-powered interactions
    Top performing, HIPAA Compliant, NLU engine delivers high-accuracy responses to common patient inquiries
  • Return customized reports with patient journey analytics to optimize engagement
    Voice of the patient data and visibility to top keywords help optimize virtual assistant responses
  • Human engagement is only one word away
    Seamlessly engage a live agent, then view questions and engage patients in the Artera Staff Console

A new channel to digitally connect with your patients

Artera Care Assist, a virtual assistant, meets patients in their moment of need. Using natural language, patients can ask the virtual assistant questions and immediately receive answers.

Artera Care Assist can be deployed in just a few days and operational shortly after. Empower your patients, get them connected to the help they need, and answer questions more quickly!

Connect Patients to Care Services
Reduce Staff Workload
Stretch Operational Dollars