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Do more while spending less

Transform your organization’s operational efficiencies through tangible cost savings. Get started with Artera.

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of hospitals are operating on negative margins

Are you looking to cut costs, improve efficiencies, and optimize existing systems to their fullest potential?

Learn how Artera can help you improve ROI.


On average, a no-show costs $200 per appointment, leading to $150 billion in annual losses in the U.S. healthcare system. Here's how we've helped:

Eisenhower Health: 40% decrease in no-shows

Ortho Northeast: 40% decrease in no-shows

Community Memorial Health System: 29% decrease in no-shows, resulting in $1.17M additional revenue

Houston Methodist: 15% decrease in no-shows, resulting in $600k additional revenue

Lower Call Volume

On average, Artera reduces call volume by 17% and hold times by 57.5%. Our platform improves call volume and patient outreach with conversational texting, broadcast messaging, campaign messaging, AI-enabled texting, call-to-text, and language support (100+ languages).

Customer results: 

Sansum Clinic: 25% decrease in call volume

Jefferson Healthcare: 25% decrease in call volume

Eisenhower Health: 88% reduction in staff time spent on phone

Cedars-Sinai: 20% reduction in call volume

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Lessen Patient Leakage

The average hospital loses 10%–30% of its revenue to patient referral leakage, resulting in roughly $200 to $500 million in losses per year. Implement stronger processes to drive financial returns and improve patient outcomes.

Two ways you can improve patient leakage:

Improve Quality Care Metrics

Artera is a tool that makes it easy to improve quality metrics and outcomes by personalizing patient communication and encouraging patients to be more involved in their care.

“In order to meet our quality metrics, we need to make sure patients come in within a certain amount of time, so we’ve leveraged Artera to send customized messages by provider and have been really successful in meeting those metrics.” – Director, Patient Access, Sansum Clinic

reliability and trust

We hold ourselves to the highest standards for safeguarding your organization and the patients you serve. Learn about the in-depth security and privacy measures we take to protect your patients’ information.

Amplify Your Existing IT Investments

Unite your existing systems with Artera to enhance your workflows and enable happier staff, healthier patients, and a smiling CFO 👩‍💼.

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How Artera Improves ROI

By implementing an effective patient communication strategy, we can help you enhance patient engagement, improve operational efficiencies, drive more revenue, and improve patient outcomes.

Automating Reminder Calls

20 weeks of saved staff time

Cedars-Sanai_49f84eaf24104ec1209d1b0233718a902 1@3x
Portal Enrollment

19% increase


508% increase in e-check in

Artera delivers a platform-level patient communications solution that integrates across a health system’s tech stack (EHRs/EMRs, single-point solutions, apps, and more) to deliver patients a simple, cohesive communications experience while reducing workload for healthcare staff.

By unifying disjointed communications and information into a single channel for patients (texting, email and/or IVR) Artera fuels healthcare providers to deliver healthier patients, more efficient staff and more profitable organizations. The Artera platform helps 500+ unique health systems facilitate 1.1 billion messages for 40+ million patients.

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