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Patient Communication That Works for Everyone

Meaningful for patients. Intuitive for staff. Communicate what you want, when you want, while allowing support staff to do what they do best.

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why artera

We’re Making Healthcare #1 in Customer Service.

We’re harmonizing the full lifecycle of patient interactions
through a single, easy-to-use platform.

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Amplify your EHR and Digital Health investments with flexible integrations across administrative, clinical, and financial workflows.

Unifying AI and automation functionality, conversational messaging opens a dialogue between patients and providers with fewer staff hours.

Leveraging communication analytics from billions of messages, we provide key insights and benchmarks for effective financial, clinical, and operational decisions.


Flexible Integrations with Leading EHRs and Digital Solutions

Unite your existing systems with Artera to enhance your workflows and enable happier staff, healthier patients, and a smiling CFO 👩‍💼.


product features

Turn Patient Communication into Conversations

One platform for efficient and effective patient experiences. Plus, it’s self-service, allowing you to rapidly meet your patients’ ever-changing needs.

Conversational HIPAA compliant communications

Self-service communication configuration tools

AI technology with event-based automation

Automated inbound message triage

Intelligent routing for live responses

Customizable staff console

Power unique insights with your data

Develop insights aligned to organizational metrics and elevate reporting.

Track key metrics and engagement

Analyze pre-built reports and dashboards

Modify & edit reporting without vendor intervention

Surface communication insights


Note: Response Rate Report modified to show response rates by age group. Response Rate Report is  an exampled scenario and data is fictitious.

AI-Enabled Conversations for Healthcare

546 hours of staff time saved over 6 months at Sansum Clinic

We Value Security and Privacy


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