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Powering Connected Patient Experiences

The unified patient communication platform delivering happier staff, healthier patients, and more profitable organizations

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Trusted by 700+ Healthcare Organizations
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Why Artera

Intuitive for Staff, Meaningful for Patients

We deliver patient messaging that works for everyone. Communicate what you want, when you want—all while allowing support staff to do what they do best.

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By the Numbers

Patients Served
Average Reduction in No-Shows
Average Hours Saved per Year
Customers Renew

Who we help

Harmonizing Healthcare So You Can Serve Patients

We help you unify disjointed communication touchpoints within an omnichannel platform, reducing busy work and keeping staff focused on connecting with patients.

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Health Systems

Streamline communication, with integrations for EHRs and digital health solutions.

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Engage your patients while freeing your support staff to focus on care.

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Efficiently reach underserved populations to improve patient outcomes.

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Deliver the patient experience your population expects and deserves.

How We Help

Communication Preferred by Patients

We address the full scope of a patient’s journey with communication adapted to individual needs with text, email, and call outreach. Functionality like Call-to-Text makes it easier than ever to connect to patients on their terms. 


“In this industry it takes longer to see benefits but with the no-show rates reduction, [Artera] has paid for itself several times over. The ROI is definitely there.”

Rich Rogers, VP & CIO

Prisma Health

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