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Your Guide to Governance

Today, a range of vendors communicate with patients during different stages of their care journey. Often, these vendors are managed by different departments with limited-to-no awareness of other workflows or messaging. 

The result?

  • Increasing flood of texts, emails and calls overwhelm patients 
  • Creates digital fatigue and patients tune out critical information
  • Poorer response rates and adherence 

Without a proper governance structure, organizations risk over-communicating and violating compliance regulations unknowingly.

Introducing "Your Guide to Governance," a comprehensive resource designed to help you effectively manage and optimize your patient communications strategy across your entire organization.


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This guide includes 5 best practices to help you:

Understand the risks of over-messaging and digital fatigue

Break down silos and establish a governance committee

Measure, iterate, and improve your enterprise-wide communication strategy

Download the governance guide and workbook to begin your governance journey.


optimize healthcare communication

You Can't Fix What You Can't See

Do you know all of the departments and patient engagement tech reaching out to your patients enterprise-wide?

  • 11+ digital health vendors on average communicate (e.g., text, IVR, etc.) independently with patients during different stages of their care journey1
  • 68% of patients report receiving repetitive messages from their provider via various communication channels2
  • 65% of patients report receiving messages that were sequenced “out of order”2

Visibility, governance and orchestration are needed to ensure patients receive the most important communication at the right time, in the correct cadence, and in their preferred channel.

Meg Aranow
SVP, Platform Evangelist, Artera, and former CIO

"Today, healthcare providers are expected to digitally engage patients in a more meaningful way and about more than just appointment reminders, including pre-visit preparation, post-visit follow-up care, and prescription refills. This type of digital engagement enables providers to encourage specific behaviors and track tangible outcomes. But as always, more is not always better. Focus on value, not volume."

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