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You Want to Deliver a Great Patient Experience...

We’re here to help. Artera delivers a holistic view of every interaction you have with your patients, powered by AI. And not just interactions from Artera…but any department, any channel, any user, any HIT vendor and any EHR across your organization.

Trusted by 750+ Healthcare Organizations Reaching 100+ Million Patients
Patient Experience Today

Why Do Most Healthcare Organizations Struggle?

Siloed functional teams, service lines, and technology tools (even “all-in-one” systems) are competing for your patients’ attention. Without visibility and oversight into those calls, text messages, emails and app notifications, your patients are bombarded and ignore your directives. This causes poor loyalty, adverse health outcomes, additional staff burden, and impacts revenue.

100 M+
Patients Reached
72 %
Reduction in Staff Time
$ 1.6 M
Recouped Per Use Case
98 %
Customers Renew
Holistic View of Every Interaction

Single Pane of Glass for Patient Engagement

Analytics (understand how vendors / departments / workflows are performing)

Automated Workflows (build conversations from template library)

Vendor and Use-Case Rules (prioritize what is most important)

Patient Preferences and Consent

Live Agents (escalate and route messages)

Live monitored with AI-enabled real-time sentiment tracking

Truly Open & Integrated

Bring Your Own Vendors or Partner With Ours

Artera natively supports >100 vendors, with a suite of APIs that offer the ability to:

Normalize engagement history into a central Analytics Dashboard

Deliver communications through a single, trusted phone number

Manage updates for patient preferences and consent

Monitor deliverability and engagement across your organization

Our Customers

Delivering More Efficient Staff, More Profitable Organizations And A More Harmonious Patient Experience

We proudly partner with more than 750 healthcare organizations and federal agencies to unify, simplify and orchestrate digital communications into their patient’s preferred channel.

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Health Systems

Streamline communication, with integrations for EHRs and digital health solutions.

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Physicians Practices & Clinics

Engage your patients while freeing your support staff to focus on care.

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Efficiently reach underserved populations to improve patient outcomes.

Federal Agencies

Leverage our critical experience and strong track record of performance in supporting federal agencies with patient communications technology.


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