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Reducing No-Show Rates

Are patient no-shows hurting your bottom line? We recommend 8 tangible strategies you can implement to reduce costly patient no-shows.


Patient Perspective

By the numbers

of American healthcare consumers prefer texting to schedule their appointments.
want to be informed about the status of their ill loved ones via text.
like to receive reminders from physicians for prescriptions, schedule confirmations, follow-up appointments, and more.

The Cost of Patient No-Show Rates

When a patient doesn’t appear for a check-up, surgery, or consultation, it leads to wasted capacity and suboptimal care.

$200 per appointment 

$150 billion every year

Delayed care for patients

8 Tips to Reduce Patient No-Show Rates

  • Use the patient’s preferred method of contact
  • Help patients understand the need for the appointment
  • Use automated patient appointment reminders
  • Calm patient fears
  • Reduce the time between scheduling an appointment and the actual appointment
  • Offer digital check-in and updates on scheduling issues
  • Text patients to reschedule
  • Send follow-up messages

For additional details on how to implement each tip, check out the full guide (without having to give us your email address).

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How Artera Improves Patient-Provider Communication

The Artera platform reliably cuts patient no-show rates by equipping healthcare providers with a sophisticated and centralized communication software that simplifies patient-provider communication. From a unified platform, providers can engage patients in one-on-one, back-and-forth text conversations at scale.

Providers can tailor their messages based on their patient’s profile, previous interactions, and current treatment plan. Personalized messaging empowers patients to become more engaged and involved with their health, thus contributing to the reduction of patient no-show rates.

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