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Patients and providers are in rare agreement this year: they believe patient access is improving. That being said, there remains a healthy gap between the two perceptions: just 28% of patients believe it’s improving, compared to 55% of providers. 

Despite the many strides providers have made in terms of offering more digital tools and online services to improve access, many practices today still rely on manual workflows when it comes to scheduling appointments. Not only do these manual workflows cause internal inefficiencies but they’re also frustrating to patients and limit their ability to access care.

For healthcare providers and front office staff, implementing patient self-scheduling software, such as Artera ScheduleCare, is a “must-have” in 2024 as it can enhance patient satisfaction, streamline operations and improve overall staff efficiency.

Patient Expectations Today for Scheduling Appointments

Today’s patients are more than just patients; they are consumers who expect the same level of service from providers as they do from other industries. Above all, they want convenience, accessibility and a user-friendly experience.

Convenience and Accessibility

Patients no longer want to deal with the hassle of calling to schedule appointments. According to a recent survey, 89% of patients deemed the ability to schedule appointments anytime, via online or mobile tools as “important.” This expectation mirrors their experiences with other online services like booking flights or reserving a table at a restaurant.

Transparency and Information

Patients desire transparency in their healthcare interactions. They want to know the availability of their preferred providers, understand their insurance coverage and receive timely notifications about their appointments. A system that facilitates this transparency can significantly enhance patient engagement and patient satisfaction.

Reduced Waiting Times

Scheduling hassles often result in missed appointments, with 61% of patients skipping medical visits due to these issues. By allowing patients to schedule their appointments online, healthcare providers can reduce waiting times and improve patient adherence to scheduled visits. Based on research, patients are in fact 9% more likely to show up to appointments they scheduled themselves. 

One customer experienced an 86% reduction in wait times for scheduling appointments, decreasing from 29 days to just 4 days. This improvement in scheduling efficiency allowed more patients to receive care sooner, enhancing their overall experience.

Meet Artera ScheduleCare

Artera ScheduleCare, integrated with Artera Harmony, is a comprehensive patient self-scheduling software designed to improve access to care for patients and improve operations for providers. This tool not only simplifies the patient scheduling process but also automates waitlist management, providing a consumer-like digital front-door experience.

Features of Artera ScheduleCare

Artera ScheduleCare offers several features designed to optimize the scheduling process:

  • Online Self-Scheduling: Patients can book their appointments anytime, anywhere.
  • Automated Waitlisting: Automatically notifies patients of earlier appointment slots as they become available.
  • Real-Time EHR Integration: Seamless integration with 27 EHR systems ensures accurate and up-to-date information.

Enhance the Patient Experience

With Artera ScheduleCare, patients enjoy a streamlined scheduling process that reduces the time and effort required to book appointments. This software caters to the needs of modern patients by providing 24/7 access to scheduling, reducing wait times and offering a transparent, user-friendly interface.

Streamline Provider Operations

For providers, Artera ScheduleCare alleviates the burden of manual scheduling, freeing up front-office staff to focus on other critical tasks. The software’s integration with EHR systems reduces data errors and ensures a cohesive brand experience across all patient interactions.

One healthcare provider saw a 63% increase in online appointment bookings after implementing Artera ScheduleCare. This surge in online scheduling not only improved patient satisfaction but also reduced the administrative burden on front office staff.

Patient Self-Scheduling Software: A “Must-Have” in 2024

Integrating Artera ScheduleCare into your health system offers numerous advantages for both patients and providers, ultimately enhancing the overall efficiency and satisfaction within the entire environment.

Acquire and Retain Patients

Artera ScheduleCare helps providers attract and retain patients by offering a seamless, consumer-like experience – with no login required. With online self-scheduling that offers robust filtering and search, patients can easily find and book appointments with their preferred providers, leading to higher satisfaction and retention rates. Studies have shown that 68% of patients are more likely to choose a provider offering online booking options

Increase Operational Efficiency

By automating the scheduling process, Artera ScheduleCare significantly reduces the time and resources required for manual appointment booking. This leads to fewer errors, less administrative burden and increased efficiency. Providers can also save $3-4 for every patient appointment scheduled online, highlighting the cost-effectiveness of this solution.

Optimize Slot Utilization & Boost Revenue

Automatically identify and offer open slots in real-time to maximize available resources. Efficiently managing and optimizing appointment schedules results in higher patient throughput and
maximizes the utilization of healthcare resources. The result? providers can see more
patients and generate more revenue – all while improving the patient experience.

How to Implement Self-Scheduling and Ensure Patient Adoption

As a healthcare organization, it’s one thing to offer a feature like self-scheduling but it’s another to successfully encourage patients to use it so that you can both reap the benefits it has to offer. 

According to a survey by healthcare communications firm Jarrard Inc., 43% of patients have yet to schedule a medical visit online. The top two reasons why? Their provider doesn’t offer it yet (22%) and they are unfamiliar with online scheduling (21%).

Implementing a patient self-scheduling software like Artera ScheduleCare requires careful planning and execution. Here are some tips for implementing self-scheduling and ensuring its adoption by patients:

Assess Your Current Scheduling Process

Before implementing new software, evaluate your current scheduling process. Identify pain points, inefficiencies and areas where automation could provide the most significant benefits. Understanding your existing workflow will help you tailor the implementation process to your specific needs.

Train and Educate Your Staff

Proper training is essential to ensure that your staff can effectively understand the new software. Artera offers dedicated implementation teams and rich customer support to facilitate a smooth transition. Make sure your staff understands the features and benefits of Artera ScheduleCare and how to integrate it into their daily routines.

Communicate with Patients

Many patients may not be aware of the option to schedule appointments online or may be hesitant to try it out. Inform your patients about the new scheduling options available to them through multiple communication channels, such as conversational messaging via text, social media and in-office signage, to educate patients on how to use the online self-scheduling system. Provide clear instructions and encourage feedback to continuously improve the patient experience.

Get Started with ScheduleCare Today

Artera ScheduleCare isn’t just a scheduling tool; it’s a game-changer for healthcare access and efficiency. Transform how you manage appointments and enhance patient experiences with our innovative technology. To learn more about how Artera ScheduleCare can benefit your organization, check out this page here

Ready to get started? Download the ScheduleCare datasheet or talk to our team to learn more.

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