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If your health system or hospital is assigned patients through a state Medicaid managed care plan, you probably have a list of people who have never come in for an appointment.

Medicaid was designed to assist individuals who are of limited resources, which increases barriers to care — seeking care and meeting a new provider can be intimidating for anyone.

“The key is access — you have to meet people where they are. You have to be so convenient that it doesn’t feel like any effort is being put into obtaining healthcare,” says WELL founder and CEO Guillaume de Zwirek.

WELL developed its flexible API to enable health systems to easily reach a large group of potential Medicaid managed care plan patients via text message and invite them to schedule an initial appointment.

This presents a great opportunity to establish relationships with new Medicaid-eligible patients and makes it easier for underserved communities to access care.

Reach new patients quickly

WELL allows you to text all of your as-yet-unseen patients, or a selected group of your choice, in under five minutes. All you need are their phone numbers.

Open new channels for patient communication

When you send out a text, you’ll create a communication channel in the WELL platform for each assigned patient, so they can message you if they have questions. For example, maybe one patient wants to know whether she should get the flu shot while pregnant. Your staff can easily respond, increasing the likelihood that the patient will receive much-needed care.

Campaigns improve patient outreach

With WELL, you can reach a large group of potential patients with your campaign messages. For example, when flu season is approaching, you can send a message to get a flu shot to all Medicaid-eligible patients at once.

Start a conversation

With WELL’s truly conversational messaging capabilities, you’ll be able to follow up with patients using broadcasts, or even reach out manually through the system to connect and hear back from patients. It’s a great way to get a conversation going — and make sure you’re helping your assigned patients get the healthcare they need and deserve.

“At its core, I started a company to help people, not to make money,” Gui says. “The promise of what we’re doing in reaching patients where they are is making people more comfortable seeking care and making healthcare more accessible to begin with.”♥

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