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convenient and accessible care

With Artera Rescheduling & scheduling support workflows, patients can take control of their care and independently reschedule and coordinate appointments.

Integrate a Reliable Self-Serve Tool

Patients are consumers—over 50 percent prefer text messaging for customer service and support matters. They want to receive the same level of service from healthcare that they experience in other industries. Available for Epic sites, Artera™ Rescheduling and scheduling support options enable patients to reschedule and schedule appointments through automated conversations.

Streamline Workflows and Save

The US average for no-shows is 23 percent. Artera clients have seen no-show rates drop upwards of 50 percent when using appointment reminders alone. Artera Rescheduling takes these efforts to the next level. Instead of canceling or failing to show, patients can choose a new appointment time without calling in. To promote on-going care engagement, Artera can also facilitate appointment scheduling through SMS outreach for established patients.

See Rescheduling in Action:

Learn how Artera helped Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic improve the patient experience with Artera Rescheduling and conversational messaging. The results?

  • $3M+ estimated cost savings
  • 10x ROI
  • 1,400 patients independently rescheduled appointments (within the first 75 days)
  • 50k+ texts between patients and staff per month (high patient adoption)