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WELL is uniquely suited to provide broad-scale communications regarding the novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19.  

We enable health systems to communicate with patients securely across any channel, including text message, email, telephone, and live chat. 

Coronavirus calls overwhelm call centers  

Call centers at health systems around the U.S. are flooded with inquiries related to the coronavirus. Google searches for coronavirus exceeded three million per month by early March 2020. 

But answering every single patient inquiry simply isn’t possible. And letting patients fend for themselves on Google results in widespread panic — the “worried well” — or failure to take proper precautions. 

Scale your coronavirus communication 

WELL clients are using our platform to reach their patients regarding the coronavirus with timely, appropriate information at scale. 

During the first week of March 2020, WELL clients sent out more than 230,000 messages regarding the coronavirus. Inbound messages from patients regarding the virus increased seven fold during this time period.

For more information on how to communicate with patients about the coronavirus, download our comprehensive white paper. It includes strategies currently employed by WELL’s healthcare partners and customers in collaboration with our client success team.