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The WELL™ Values were designed in 2019 by WELL employees and every year, the five employees who most epitomize each value are recognized. Nominated by their co-workers and managers, the winners are selected by the WELL Executive Leadership Team. In addition to the appreciation of their peers, the winners also receive a cash prize.

Here are the WELL™ Values and the 2020 Winners:    

Make it Better

We’re surrounded by opportunities for improvement. When we see a problem, we take ownership, propose a solution, and make it happen.

picture of Michael Mullen

Michael Mullen

Quality Assurance Manager, Michael Mullen is the 2020 winner. He says, ” ‘Make It Better’ is a value that I live and breathe every day; the value is my primary motivator and one that I instill upon the team. I am constantly looking for opportunities, and however small, to make sustainable improvements to anything!”

Chief Technology Officer, Thor Clark describes why Michael embodies this value, “Michael has had a tremendous impact on the product and team here at WELL. His commitment to quality and process has helped drive our NPS scores and improved staff experience. His contribution to building out our scrum processes, and focus on velocity and efficiency, have been invaluable as we’ve grown. Michael has built a tremendous team and helped teammates progress in their careers in a variety of ways here at WELL.”  

Play as a Team

We’re built on trust. We’re growing this company together, sharing wins and losses, and holding each other accountable.

picture of Reid Chaloupka

Reid Chaloupka

“WELL Health’s tremendous growth trajectory has given me the opportunity to help onboard and coach individuals across the entire organization. I am so grateful to be put in a position to help others get up to speed, as well as learn from each and every one of them,” says Reid Chaloupka, Senior Sales Enablement Manager and the 2020 Play as a Team award winner.

Andrea Rusnak, Senior Director of Sales Enablement is grateful to have Reid on her team, “Reid is always the person that can be counted on when you have a question when you need something done for the team or to support Sales or you just want to run something by him. Reid is a trusted advisor within WELL and he is the ultimate team player. Reid is quick to respond to the needs of the business and he will always lend a hand to help anyone that reaches out to him for support. Reid embodies Play as a Team because he truly is a class act and he has the ‘people helping people’ attitude that he brings to work every day!”

Deliver with Passion

We love what we do. We’re driven by our passion, determination, a sense of urgency, and the burning need to change healthcare for all patients.

picture of Sally Maciel

Sally Maciel

Product Education Lead, Sally Maciel won in this category and describes her definition of this value, “One of my favorite things about working with anyone, internally or externally, is being able to empower them in learning and mastering new skills. I genuinely enjoy what I do and I believe that this really shines through in how I work with my clients and teammates, I have been fortunate enough to make so many meaningful connections with them. When I hear Deliver with Passion, this is what comes to mind.” 

John Bushnell, Manager, Project Management feels that Sally’s passion is what makes her a standout, “Sally skillfully delivers best in class services to WELL’s clients and cares passionately about both her clients’ and teammates’ success. You want Sally in that foxhole with you. She has your back and always elevates the people around her.”  

Pursue Growth

We will always be learners. We take steps to continue growing, learning, and sharing the knowledge we have with others.

picture of Evan Murray

Evan Murray

Winner Evan Murray, Software Engineer, discusses what this value means to him, “Pursuing growth means investing in your passions. I will be forever grateful to WELL for providing me mentorship and letting me explore multiple opportunities within the company, as it allowed me to invest in my passions and grow my skills.

In describing why she feels Evan deserves this recognition, Sujata Mujumdar, Senior Manager, Software Engineering says, “Evan is one of our senior engineers here at WELL and has a wealth of knowledge making him an invaluable resource. With rapidly scaling Engineering teams, he’s been actively involved in onboarding new engineers, supporting them, and sharing the know-how of the code-bases with them. He’s always happy to jump on a Zoom to answer questions and troubleshoot issues. Along with offering support to the team, I find his personal commitment to learning and self-improvement inspiring.” 

Work to Win

We’re constantly pushing ourselves to be the best we can. We value hard work, smart decisions, and a will to dominate our marketplace.

Former Director of Sales Ops, Aaron Richter is the 2020 winner. Although we were sad to see Aaron move on, we wish him the best and thank him for all his contributions to WELL! 

Do you also have something to contribute? Join the WELL team!

Here at WELL, our values infuse our work with meaning and purpose. We welcome everybody who shares this ethos to join us! Head over to our careers page to see all our current open positions. ♥




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