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Some companies mandate values from the top down. Not at WELL.

In June 2019, everyone from interns to engineers at WELL worked together to determine what drives us and what we want to define us going forward. At the end of the year, five WELL employees stood out as shining examples of these values.

Here are the WELL values, what they mean to the 2019 WELL Values Awards winners, and how they exemplify them.

Work to Win

We’re constantly pushing ourselves to be the best we can. We value hard work, smart decisions, and a will to dominate our marketplace.

Software engineer Anav Sanghvi earned the 2019 Work to Win award. He says, “Winning for me is basically just building a product that works perfectly. There are no bugs.”

WELL VP of Operations, Tom McIntyre says WELL is lucky to have Anav on its team. “What I admire most is that Anav works to build our product the right way — the way it should be for our customers. He’d rather tear something apart last minute and stay up all night to fix it before deploying a product that doesn’t meet his standards.”

Ultimately, Anav says his drive really comes down to helping patients, “If you can support a lot of clients, you can help a lot of patients.”

Deliver with Passion

We love what we do. We’re driven by our passion, determination, a sense of urgency, and the burning need to change healthcare for all patients.


Client Success Advocate Grant Lilya earned the 2019 Deliver with Passion award.

“WELL’s mission is centralized around putting more passion into the healthcare industry through communication that is taking place with patients,” Grant says. “I think delivering with passion makes life more enjoyable in anything I do, which is why it is so important in my day to day.”

VP of Client Success, Christine Raby is grateful to have Grant on her team. “Grant is exemplary. He consistently goes above and beyond for his clients, and his team,” she says. “He’s always willing to jump in to help solve a problem, whether big or small. He strongly believes in WELL’s mission, and his passion is contagious.”

Play as a Team

We’re built on trust. We’re growing this company together, sharing wins and losses, and holding each other accountable.

Data Engineer Erin Clayton Harris won the 2019 Play as a Team award. She says, “Playing as a team means doing work for the greater good of the team. This can mean that sometimes you gotta push your work aside to help your coworker or you are working some longer hours to deliver a product.”

CTO Thor Clark says he doesn’t have enough space to record all of the contributions that Erin has made to WELL. “Starting in support, and then transitioning to manage and build our data infrastructure, Erin has had outsized impacts on many critical contributions to WELL,” he says.

“Whether it’s working directly with our most important customers, continuing to train and help the support team grow, building out all of the components of our data analytics system, or making thoughtful contributions to our product roadmap, Erin excels in everything she does. She has a tremendous future here at WELL as she grows in her career!”

Ultimately, Erin says playing as a team is vital to our company because we are small and have to help each other to achieve the goals we set for ourselves.

Pursue Growth

We will always be learners. We take steps to continue growing, learning, and sharing the knowledge we have with others.


Sales Engineer Hayden Smith earned the 2019 Pursue Growth award. “To me, pursuing growth means coming away at the end of every workday with something I didn’t know when I walked into the office that morning,” he says. “As long as I can take that and continue to build up a base of knowledge that I can apply to my work and share with my team, then I know I’m doing something right.”

Inside Sales Manager Tom Sims says it’s not uncommon to see Hayden around 7PM on the sales floor couches, thumbing through a dense, academic healthcare textbook on the nuances of HL7.

“His commitment to learning the product, the industry, and the sales process exemplifies the pursuit of growth,” Tom says. “Hayden has become an invaluable resource on the sales floor — constantly making himself available to answer questions, jump on sales calls, or even host educational learning sessions.”

Make it Better

We’re surrounded by opportunities for improvement. When we see a problem, we take ownership, propose a solution, and make it happen.


Operations Associate Emily Flinn earned the 2019 Make it Better award. She says making it better is an essential part of her job.

“From improving the tools people use, the workspace people sit at, or the processes in place, my job creates lots of opportunities to make things better. There are small things — simply checking in and seeing how people are doing. And there are larger areas, like creating new processes and systems. All of these are important to the success of our team. And they will continue to make our company better in the long run.”

CEO Guillaume de Zwirek admires Emily’s ability to listen and communicate effectively with any audience. He says, “In many ways Emily is my sherpa, she has expanded my thinking, guided me away from poor decisions, and has bridged what would otherwise be a major gap in my leadership. I trust Emily implicitly and frequently solicit her feedback.”

“At the end of the day, if someone can say ‘my day was better or my job was more efficient because of what you did,’ I feel like I’ve done my job well,” Emily says.

Join the team

At WELL, our values infuse our work with meaning and purpose. We are always eager to bring new people into the company who share this ethos. If that’s you, head on over to our careers page to see current open positions. ♥

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