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Identified as best in class in the North American patient engagement market. 

At a Glance:

  • Patient Engagement Market Winner: Artera was named Best in Class in the North American Patient Engagement Market for personalized end-to-end customer service and its industry-leading patient communications platform, Artera Harmony. 
  • Artera Harmony Recognized for Elevating the Patient Experience: According to the Frost & Sullivan report, Artera Harmony is “revolutionizing patient engagement by seamlessly connecting all healthcare applications through a single phone number, the health system’s phone number.” 
  • Transforming Patient Communications: Artera relies on customer feedback to meet new demands and regularly update its products. Sarah Shillington, Chief Customer Officer at Artera, shares her thoughts about this award and our Customer Experience organization.

About the Patient Engagement Market Award

We’re excited to announce that Artera has received the 2023 Frost & Sullivan Customer Value Leadership Award in the patient engagement market. Recognized as a leader in the patient engagement market, this award honors companies that excel at delivering value to their customers with a focus on improving return on investment.

Determined by a rigorous analytical process, the final award recipient is evaluated against multiple nominees for each award category. Frost & Sullivan’s process involves a detailed evaluation of best practices criteria across two dimensions for each nominated company. 

Ultimately, Frost & Sullivan found that Artera excels in many of the criteria in the patient engagement space, with research analysts noting that Artera “uniquely leverages its expertise and technology to meet its customers’ needs, positioning itself to capitalize on new growth opportunities and cementing its leadership in the space.”

Why Artera 

Over the past several years, many solutions have emerged to improve patient communication, materializing during the massive digital transformation that took place. However, managing an array of disparate solutions is not only a headache for staff but a potential deterrent for patients. A unified, enterprise-level solution is needed to customize communications and ensure high patient engagement rates. 

A Platform Approach 

Frost & Sullivan analysts said, “The company’s overall value proposition is simple: a seamless and straightforward patient journey resulting in a world-class customer experience. It achieves this outcome by providing an omnichannel software as a service (SaaS) solution, Artera Harmony, that meets patients on their preferred communications channel and language.”

According to the report, Artera Harmony is “revolutionizing patient engagement by seamlessly connecting all healthcare applications through a single phone number, the health system’s phone number. Unlike independent bill, pay, digital paperwork, and protocol creation tools, Artera offers a comprehensive and interconnected solution.” The report also notes that bringing “together all vendors through a proven, integrative, and vendor-neutral business focus puts the patient experience as the top priority.”

 Key platform components reviewed were:

  • Artera Marketplace: Empowers digital health vendors in the Artera Marketplace to seamlessly integrate with Artera
  • Staff Console: Streamlines patient communication workflows for healthcare staff
  • Conversation Builder: Creates effortless and sophisticated conversations driven by Natural Language and Understanding (NLU) 
  • Conversation Manager: Provides enhanced control over conversation workflows 
  • Intelligent Analytics: Uncovers key trends and patterns with embedded analytics, strategic reporting, and performance benchmarking.

Ann Bilyew, SVP, Health, and Group GM of WebMD Provider Service, said in the report, “Artera’s platform is a highly effective means for reaching individuals with relevant and appropriate education from WebMD. Together, we are closing that gap to ensure providers can present patients with the most relevant information, based on the point in their care journey.”

Personalized End-to-End Customer Service 

A great technology platform is merely one small piece of the puzzle; vendors must be able to offer their customers end-to-end customer service to truly be the best in their class. There are many unique challenges in the healthcare B2B space like working with different teams and users, responding to urgent needs, and building strong and sometimes life-long partnerships (with customers and other vendors alike). Artera uniquely leverages its expertise and technology to meet its customers’ needs and acts as a trusted partner to achieve the best possible outcome. 

“Artera has very good relationship management with their clients, and they work very closely with their customers. They have worked with us every step of the way, and they try to understand our problems and needs, even when they can’t solve them…I would recommend the system to a peer. Artera is great to work with.”

– Director, May 2023 (KLAS Research) 

The report notes that Artera takes several critical steps to ensure this process is a success. These include a strong focus on customer evaluations through multiple methods, a collaborative and consultative approach, and finally, an implementation strategy that provides high value to patients while minimizing customer workload. Researchers at Frost & Sullivan said, “​​This overall customer-first approach offers immense value to existing and new customers and solidifies Artera’s reputation in the market.”

Transforming Patient Communications 

Working together, Artera and its customers are transforming patient communications. As a SaaS platform, Artera relies on feedback from its customers to meet new demands and regularly update its products. For example, Children’s Wisconsin had difficulty providing directions to patients during its campus construction work. With the collaboration of Artera and a wayfinding vendor, it created a “Google Maps” of its hospital in Milwaukee to guide patients straight to the clinic door.

For Sarah Shillington, SVP of Customer Experience at Artera, listening to direct customer feedback has been transformational to the growth of the business:

“This award underscores Artera’s unwavering commitment to our customers. Every day, our Customer Experience organization stands beside our customers to help elevate their ideas, hear their challenges and empower them with the information and data they need to optimize their communications strategy. This award shines a light on the Customer Experience team’s partnership approach and hard work to deliver value for each of our unique 700+ customers.”

Sarah Shillington, SVP of Customer Experience, Artera

The report also notes that “Artera has achieved an impressive average reduction of 35% in no-shows and saved an estimated 520 annual staff working hours within organizations using the platform.” Analysts believe the company is “well-positioned to drive the space into its next growth phase, capturing market share and sustaining its leadership in the coming years.”

We couldn’t have achieved this award without the partnership we have with our incredible customers and look forward to continuing this journey together! Download the full Frost & Sullivan report here to learn more. 

Download the full Frost & Sullivan report here to learn more. 

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