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Values Award Winners

At Artera, our values mean the world to us – they guide and inform our actions every day. This is why each year, we hold the Values Awards to celebrate and recognize those ten Arterians who go above and beyond as examples of our values in action.

Nominated by their co-workers and managers, the ten Values Award Winners (five tech, five non-tech) are selected by Artera’s Executive Leadership Team. In addition to the appreciation and recognition of their peers, the winners also receive a cash prize.

This year’s winners were recently announced during a monthly all-company meeting, “Celebrate Artera” – we loved celebrating every winner, as well as our company values.

Here’s a recap of all of the 2024 winners in each category:

Work to Win

We’re constantly pushing ourselves to be the best we can. We value hard work, smart decisions, and a will to dominate our marketplace.

Non-tech Winner: Miguel Ferreira, Corporate Development Senior Manager

Over the past few months, Miguel Ferreira has stepped up as a de facto GTM and Sales Enablement Superstar. He has demonstrated value far outside of his Corp Dev position and is an immensely valuable asset to sales, marketing and Artera as a whole.

Tech Winner: Jess Oveys, Director of Product Management 

Jess is one of the BEST. She wants to better our platform for our clients and puts in the work to make it happen. She is incredible with customers and hears their pain points, so much so that several items released on the Artera product roadmap came out of meetings she had with customers. She’s a huge asset to Artera and wonderful to work with.

Deliver with Passion 

We love what we do. We’re driven by our passion, determination, a sense of urgency, and the burning need to change healthcare for all patients.

Non-tech Winner: Lauren Tamburello, Sales Engineer 

Lauren was actually nominated for all 5 categories. Her energy and drive are infectious, as is her desire to always do the best job possible. She transitioned to the SE team last year and always does a great job scoping and communicating client needs in our handoff call.  She is very reliable when there are questions from the team and always has the answer because she asks the client helpful questions about their workflow.”  

Tech Winner: Scott Lunell, Senior Software Engineer

“Scott is constantly on high-alert to make anything and everything better for our conversation builder platform, and his work has definitely shown in customer response to our product. He had excellent cross-team work on integrating Playwright for frontend testing, working with other engineers outside of Cobra Chai, providing leadership and documentation that helped all teams get up and running quickly. Additionally, he takes on a mentorship role with other engineers on the team, regularly helping them pair on tasks and upskill their frontend skillset.

Play as a Team

We’re built on trust. We’re growing this company together, sharing wins and losses, and holding each other accountable.

Non-tech Winner: Katie Keane, Account Executive, Mid-Enterprise

Katie is such a positive member of the Sales team, is always happy to help anyone that needs it, and is so encouraging! She is the first one to cross collaborate and mentor any new folks coming into role, especially the SDRs. She brings her unique energy to everything she does and is the most energetic and optimistic person in the office.

Tech Winner: Sean Prouty, Staff Engineer 

“Sean is a driving force to Artera’s engineering team. Between his work on Kafka, Conversation Manager, and helping with realtime Pubnub issues, Sean is always easy to work with and points us to the right direction. He was a pillar of the automations project and making good decisions about the data model and how to move forward. He has also been really helpful with the admints transition to the realtime and messaging domain. He is extremely knowledgeable and kind!

Pursue Growth

We will always be learners. We take steps to continue growing, learning, and sharing the knowledge we have with others.

Non-tech Winner: Elyssa Jaffe, Director of Events

In addition to Events, Elyssa also leads our Demand Generation Strategy. She is so committed to growing herself, her team and our business. No trade show booth visitor goes uncaptured. She specifically encouraged teammates to take trainings to enhance their skills and shared how she was doing the same. She’s wonderful at recognizing individuals for their performance, and has a memory like a steel trap – always keeping us all on task. She’s innovative, approachable, dependable, and a true leader in supporting her team.” 

Tech Winner: Abigail Martinez, Software Engineer 

Abby transitioned from QA to Software Engineering and has truly been a core part of making every single team she’s on better. She is constantly challenging the status quo and championing doing everything with a practical approach and an eye for efficiency in our code and tests.  She was an amazing asset as a QA engineer to the automations project and was always willing to hop on a call when any member of the mints had questions about how one of the filters was actually supposed to work. Her transition into software engineering shows she is constantly learning and growing, and she is dedicated to increasing her knowledge about our product!

Make it Better

We’re surrounded by opportunities for improvement. When we see a problem, we take ownership, propose a solution, and make it happen.

Non-tech Winner: Emma Kaplan, Manager, Customer Success

Emma has taken on so much CX responsibility this year, specifically with the launch of Artera Harmony. She does a great job collecting information, informing our team, and building out processes so we can move forward – one of the many reasons she is now a manager on the CS team. She sees something not working and immediately goes to fix it and solve the problem. She is a great partner and dedicated to making changes where helpful and in a thoughtful manner for both her teammates and the clients.

Tech Winner: Mario Guilin, IT Analyst 

Mario played a critical role in helping get the Santa Barbara office ready for people to return to office, ensuring desks and conference rooms had all the necessary equipment. He is the beating heart of the Santa Barbara office – he is fantastic at ensuring needs are met and addressed in a quick manner, and he does it with a great attitude.

Congratulations to all our winners – we’re so incredibly grateful to have you on our team!

Join us in making healthcare #1 in customer service!

Here at Artera, our values infuse our work with meaning and purpose. We welcome everybody who shares this ethos to join us! Check out our careers page to see all our current open positions.

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