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WELL®  is proud to congratulate the 2021 WELL Award winners, those employees who have been recognized for their extraordinary contribution to the company in the last year. Each winner receives a crystal award and a cash prize. They were first nominated by their co-workers and managers then selected by the WELL Executive Leadership Team. 

Here are the 2021 WELL Award Winners:     

Employee of the Year:  Jess de Jesus (Senior Product Manager)

Jess DeJesus picture

Jess DeJesus

Our Employee of the Year had 12 nominations across different award categories this year, demonstrating that leaders and peers alike view this person as an incredible example of WELL Health’s values. Integral to the product team, Jess is someone who creates an impact across multiple teams with her high degree of professionalism, her unbeatable good sense of humor, and the way she builds her teams for success.  

“Jess’ passion towards our mission and her team attitude even in face of adversity, embody the best in WELL. She inspires and energizes everyone she works with.” – Guillaume de Zwirek, CEO & Founder

Customer Superstar: Narin Nhem (Director of Customer Support)

picture of Narin Nhem

Narin Nhem

The success of WELL depends in large part on our ability to empower our customers to deliver better outcomes and ensure successful partnerships. Narin is an experienced Head of Support who tirelessly campaigns for his team and our customers. His willingness to jump into all challenges and work collaboratively across departments to implement tools and processes has improved all aspects of our customer service.  

“It takes a big heart, strong technical knowledge, and a lot of tenacity to build out a successful and scalable support function at a rapidly growing company. WELL definitely hit the jackpot when Narin joined us.” – Meg Aranow, SVP & Platform Evangelist  

Engineer of the Year: Ondrej Nebesky (Staff Engineer)

Picture of Ondrej Nebesky

Ondrej Nebesky

This year’s winner demonstrates incredible patience in building understanding, no matter what the question may be. Ondrej is the spearhead for the hyper-important scaling initiatives at WELL and has been involved in almost all of the large back-end projects this year. He touches everything and seems to be everywhere at once, reviewing pull requests, writing code, and researching new design patterns.

“Ondrej embodies WELL’s culture – committed, thoughtful, helpful, energetic. He consistently demonstrates deep technical expertise combined with an empathetic and collaborative approach to teamwork that exemplifies the best of WELL Engineering.” -Thor Clark, WELL Health Advisor

Rookie of the Year: Amber Nozzi (Human Resources Associate)

picture of Amber Nozzi

Amber Nozzi

The WELL Health team has grown tremendously over the past year, and we’re honoring one “rookie” who joined our team and quickly became an invaluable member of our organization. Amber has done an excellent job jumping in on the People team and quickly revamped many HR initiatives. Amber is eager to learn, always has a smile on her face, and is so passionate about the people team and WELL. No wonder she has been described by her peers as a rockstar. 

“Amber makes WELL better with her passion for employee engagement activities, thoughtful work on onboarding, and career development frameworks. We know this is just the start for her!” – Marissa Morrison, VP People 

WELL Health Cheers Champion: Bri Young (Data Engineer)

picture of Bri Young

Bri Young

This recipient is not just a cheerleader but a champion for all our people and our culture. Described as “a ray of sunshine always lifting others up,” Bri has tremendous pride for the work, for the company, and for her team.  She never misses an opportunity to celebrate and recognize her teammates for their hard work and dedication.  

“Leading important conversations that require vulnerability and bravery, Bri champions programming that improves our workplace, expands our worldview, and empowers us with mechanisms to make our daily lives better.” – Adrianna Hosford, VP of Communications

The WELL® Value Awards

The WELL Values were first established in 2019 by WELL employees and have now become an annual event. Similar to last year’s awards, the five employees who most epitomize each WELL value were chosen.

Here are the 2021 Winners:     

Play as a Team: Izzy Bacon (Recruiter)

We’re built on trust. We’re growing this company together, sharing wins and losses, and holding each other accountable.

picture of Izzy Bacon

Izzy Bacon

Described as the backbone of the WELL recruiting team, Izzy exemplifies what it means to be an amazing team member and someone who works collaboratively to help elevate our organization as a whole. Always willing to go the extra mile for any team member and quick to lend a hand, Izzy is never the first to take credit but always first to give credit where it’s due. 

“There isn’t an employee in this organization who Izzy hasn’t supported, sourced, recruited, worked for, or worked with over the last two years. Izzy is hardworking, caring, and gets results.  She makes us all better – and that is the mark of an amazing teammate.”  – Tom McIntyre, Chief Financial Officer

Deliver with Passion – Aidan Jensen (Data Scientist)

We love what we do. We’re driven by our passion, determination, a sense of urgency, and the burning need to change healthcare for all patients.

Picture of Aidan Jensen

Aidan Jensen

Aidan personifies passion for both WELL and his role, working on numerous projects across the entire team. Team members appreciate his inspiring passion and how every day he brings energy, excitement, and determination to the entire team.

“Aidan works on high impact projects, and he’s never satisfied until the work is polished, makes sense to his audience, and has been done in a logical, high-quality fashion.” – Isabelle Meyer Stapf, SVP of Product

Make it Better – Emily Coy (Director of Communications)

We’re surrounded by opportunities for improvement. When we see a problem, we take ownership, propose a solution, and make it happen.

picture of Emily Coy

Emily Coy

Emily is a cross-functional leader who makes it a habit to always pursue improvement. She goes above and beyond in everything she does and makes everything she touches better. As a key leader of the Senior Leadership Team, Emily launched the buzzworthy 2021 WELL Health staff burnout study, and continuously supports teams across the company. 

“Emily is a solver, creator, and builder. She is innately curious, is never satisfied with the status quo, and is always pushing herself and others to high standards while maintaining a sense of humor and fun. She truly exemplifies what it means to Make It Better. ” – Adrianna Hosford, VP of Communications

Work to Win – Deepak Prabhakar (Manager, Sales Engineering)

We’re constantly pushing ourselves to be the best we can. We value hard work, smart decisions, and a will to dominate our marketplace.

picture of Deepak Prabhakar

Deepak Prabhakar

Deepak is always working hard to secure new opportunities for WELL to grow and pursue our mission to improve healthcare. His drive to go the extra mile and his competitive spirit help the sales team close deals. 

“Deepak epitomizes this award. He’s the guy in the organization that wants to be on every stakeholder group that is trying to solve problems. He’s always working at the highest level to help WELL win.” – John Knotwell, Chief Revenue Officer

Pursue Growth – Jules De Vita (Associate Product Manager)

We will always be learners. We take steps to continue growing, learning, and sharing the knowledge we have with others.

picture of Jules De Vita

Jules De Vita

Growth can mean many things, and Jules demonstrates what it means to pursue full-spectrum growth, at the individual, team, and company levels. From automating workflows to bringing structure and clarity to the most ambiguous tasks, Jules not only scopes out the wins but works like a machine to carry his team across the finish line.  

“Jules has worked cross-functionally to improve how we’re using the data we have available to us in a way that will impact not only our internal users but also our clients and their end-users.  He is continuously looking to grow his skills and pushing us all to do bigger and better things.” – Isabelle Meyer Stapf, SVP of Product

Do you also have something to contribute? Join the WELL team!

Here at WELL, our values infuse our work with meaning and purpose. We welcome everybody who shares this ethos to join us! Head over to our careers page to see all our current open positions. ♥













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