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WELL Health is now Artera | Learn More

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By: Guillaume De Zwirek, Founder and CEO

Where We Started:

In 2015, I started WELL after an unnerving personal healthcare experience. I was fortunate to be treated by amazing physicians, nurses and staff, but the process of coordinating and managing my care was terribly inconvenient and inefficient — everything required a phone call. 

Back then, you had to call between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. only to land on a phone tree, that would eventually get you to the front office (if you clicked the right buttons), who might leave an electronic message for your care team, who would eventually call you back from an unrecognized number you wouldn’t answer… which meant you had to start the whole process over again. 

Freeform texting wasn’t technically legal for healthcare purposes (this soon changed). The vast majority of the burden was on the patient — and to me, this felt backwards. 

With healthcare’s deep resources, infinite market and mission-driven employee base, it could be the #1 industry in customer service — and that became my mission. I picked a common, recognizable company name to get us started: WELL Health. 

Where We Are:

Seven years later, we proudly power over 1B conversations between patients and hospitals each year — touching more than 40 million patients. Like everyone else, we are emerging from the largest pandemic in human history, and in spite of all those challenges our platform has helped customers deliver the level of service I originally imagined:

For us, healthcare only delivers #1 customer service when a patient gets convenient access, on their terms, and in a reasonable timeline. Yet, it’s not only the patient who benefits. 

Where We’re Going:

Our vision is to create connection across the entire healthcare ecosystem – not just during one point in time, or one piece of the journey – to enable healthier patients, more efficient hospital staff and more profitable organizations. 

It may seem counterintuitive that delivering amazing customer service actually saves time and creates profit but this is precisely what we’ve found: 

Hello, We Are Artera:

Today, we are rebranding to a name that better reflects this vision: Artera 

Sending a text message doesn’t equal great communication. To deliver a truly connected patient experience, the Artera Platform unifies disparate information, links disjointed messages, and manages communications flow, rhythm and routing, across the entire healthcare ecosystem. This arrives for the patient in a single, intuitive experience, allowing the patient to respond on their terms and their timeline. For hospital staff, this reduces busy work so they can focus on more meaningful work.

We’ve seen from our 500+ customers that the Artera Platform can produce healthier patients, more efficient staff and more profitable organizations. We believe this trifecta is the standard all patient communications technology should be held to.

Behind the Artera name and colors:

Artera (ar – tair – uh) is derived from the word artery and represents a heart. In fact, when the “a” in the Artera logo is rotated, it becomes a heart.  The heart has always been an important symbol to us. The heart is the primary organ of circulation — pumping blood throughout the body, controlling your heart rate, rhythm, blood flow and pressure, and sending nutrients to your other organs. It’s vital for function and connection — just like the Artera platform. 

Artera’s main brand color is Purple: a combination of Red and Blue. 

  • Red often symbolizes life and responsiveness; Blue often symbolizes security and comfort. 
  • Arteries are red, veins are blue.
  • Purple is also associated with compassion and imagination.

The Artera brand color of purple combines all of these symbolic attributes.

Patient Communication is the Heart of Healthcare

Just like a heart, the Artera Platform is the primary orchestration engine for any health system – routing communications to the right places while managing the flow, rate, volume and rhythm of communications between patients and providers. 

Just like our brand color, our platform is responsive and secure, while delivering comfort to patients when they get a response from their provider. 

Meet the Arterians

At the end of the day, patient communication is the heart of healthcare, and our employees are the heart of Artera. We wouldn’t be who we are today without the profound and thoughtful contributions of our team. We’ve had a lot of fun over the past several weeks and months co-creating our new brand identity, including our new team name – Arterians – crowd sourced by our amazing employees. I couldn’t be prouder to stand alongside each of these Arterians on our journey. 

Join Us On Our Journey

The desire to connect is inherent in all of us. Patients want to be cared for; and doctors want to care for them. We aim to power that connection. 

We continue to learn everyday from our customers – doctors, nurses and hospital staff, the modern day heroes who are building a healthier society treatment by treatment, appointment by appointment. We invite you to join us on this journey as we continue to evolve the Artera platform to deliver the future of patient communications. 


To learn more about Artera, watch this interview with Jessica DaMassa at WTF Health.