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Our Philosophy of Whole-Person Benefits and Culture Drives Well-Rounded Offerings

Human beings are amazingly complex. That may be stating the obvious, but then why are benefit offerings for employees often so rudimentary? 

At WELL Health® we recognize that our employees lead full lives in and outside of work and need our support both personally and professionally to truly achieve success. Our aim is to invest in effective, accessible benefits and programs to support all of our employees by nurturing their whole self. That’s what we call our Whole-Person approach to benefits and culture.

In the last year, WELL Health has unveiled new, robust benefits — from mental health to family planning — all with the intent to support different aspects of our employees’ lives and focus on the Whole Person.

Ready for the top five ways that WELL Health supports our employees’ whole self? Here they are:

1. Groundbreaking Access to Mental Health Support

Employee mental health and wellness are a top priority at WELL Health. Employees on WELL Health’s plan can enjoy a $0 co-pay for in-network mental health visits. 

In addition, WELL Health’s benefits include free, unlimited access to Ginger, the world’s first integrated mental healthcare system. Ginger offers 24/7 confidential mental healthcare through behavioral health coaching via text-based chats, self-guided learning activities and content, and, if needed, video-based therapy and psychiatry. 

2. Fertility Benefits for Family Planning

WELL Health also wants to alleviate the stress of family planning, supporting those employees longing to start a family today or in the future. Knowing fertility treatments can be costly, WELL Health offers a $10,000 lifetime credit for a variety of diagnostic and treatment services for each individual on one of our insurance plans.  

Inevitably, fertility benefits can support all employees, no matter their relationship status, age, sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity. These benefits encourage people to seek clinical support, ultimately providing better care that leads to healthier outcomes. 

3. Robust & Easy Parental Leave

WELL Health believes that for families to thrive, parents need a supportive workplace. One of the ultimate ways that an employer can support their employees and their families is with parental leave benefits that are thorough and simple to use. 

Our parental leave benefits are truly comprehensive, and include: 

  • Up to 16 weeks of paid parental leave at 100 percent of base salary for all parents (birthing, non-birthing, and adoptive) welcoming a new child into their family.
  • 30 days of $30 worth of food delivery.
  • Super simple leave planning and management with Cocoon.

And when parents return to work, they can enjoy a generous childcare stipend for their first few months back to work, unlimited PTO, and flexible work schedules. 

4. Low Cost Medical/Dental Plans

Keeping affordability top of mind as much as health and wellness, WELL Health offers five plan options to employees, with one of the options – a mid-level PPO plan –  available at no monthly cost to employees. 

All employees, regardless of which package they choose, will enjoy lower monthly costs for well-rounded benefits, a commitment WELL Health has made to ensure no one has to choose between their health and their paycheck.  

5. Career Development Opportunities 

Now that we’ve highlighted some of the benefits that can provide personal support to our employees, let’s talk about how we provide ways to bolster their careers, that can help while they are employed at WELL Health and beyond:

Mentor WELL: Our internal mentorship program is designed to help make connections in meaningful ways between WELL Health employees, which is especially important given our growth and the fact that hybrid work is here to stay. Mentor WELL is for everyone, across roles, levels, functions and experiences.

Learning stipend: Every full-time WELL Health employee has access to a $1000 learning stipend  each year. They can use this stipend for a variety of learning and development opportunities, everything from online education to professional coaching — whatever might meet their individual needs!

Real-time Performance Development Connects: Our Performance Development cycle plans for regular structured check-ins between employees and their managers throughout the year, to not only coach performance but to ensure an employee’s needs are being met, and that they are on track for their next career milestone.  


These are just some of the impressive benefits WELL Health provides, and we’re only getting started. One of our core values is to #makeitbetter, and it’s our promise to constantly iterate and add to our benefits offerings based on our employees’ holistic needs. 

That’s the beauty in realizing that employee benefits are much more dynamic than “just” physical health — the opportunities are endless!