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Equitable Access for Underserved Populations

Remove barriers to care and initiate patient conversations in their preferred method of communication.

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Features & Benefits

Streamline Your FQHC

Artera helps FQHCs improve outcomes for vulnerable populations,
better engaging patients in their care with fewer resources.

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Stay engaged in patients' care with tools to manage care plans and schedule appointments..

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Choose from 109 languages to
better reach your patients-all
without the need for a smartphone
or translator.

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Reach specific patient populations with campaigns
that your staff can customize
at their convenience.

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Monitor patient engagement to proactively adjust communication methods and frequency.

Busy hospital with doctor browsing on tablet for test results, patient records and medical research from above. Healthcare professional and expert working on treatment plan in a bustling clinic.

Easily remind patients of upcoming appointments, delivering automated and customizable reminders proven to reduce no-show rates. Automate messages for appointments, screenings, and follow-ups.

More efficient operations yield a positive ROI that impacts both your patient's health and your health center's revenue.

Send messaging to large groups about events such as school-based clinics, dental clinics, and medical vans in advance.

“Artera has given us a better way to talk to our patients, an easier, more efficient way to reach out to patients, and a better way to handle scheduling.”

Caleb Sandford

Chief Operations Officer, TVHC

“Our patients love (Artera). It’s overdue; we should have been on this a long time ago. Patients can do multiple things, send a text, and not have to be waiting around for a response.”

David Ramirez

Clinical Support Technician, Altura

“Just walk into any waiting room. Everyone is on their phones, texting. With Artera, we are meeting them where they already are.”

Marty Martin

Director of Clinical Informatics, Tandem

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Easy and Flexible Integrations with Leading EHRs
and More

Unite your existing systems with Artera to enhance your workflows and enable happier staff, healthier patients, and a smiling CFO 👩‍💼.



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