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Security Features

The Artera Security Program maintains robust security standards for protecting the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of the data we store and transmit.

Secure Messaging

Messages can be sent as SMS or encrypted, with all messages encrypted by default.  

Static Code Scanning

Code base is scanned applying OWASP and SANS security principles at least quarterly.

Disaster Recovery

Infrastructure is maintained across two geographically separate availability zones with full technical recovery tests to ensure established recovery timelines can be met.

Intrusion Detection and Web Application Firewall

Firewalls are utilized to restrict access to systems and scan all transmissions into our network.

Real-Time Error Monitoring

Best-in-breed monitoring tools for both performance and security monitoring across our environment.

SOC 2 Accredited Data Centers

Our information systems and technical infrastructure are hosted within world-class, SOC 2 accredited data centers.

Third-Party Risk Assessments and Audits

Independent, third-party audits are conducted to evaluate and audit our practices against  security frameworks such as ISO and HITRUST.

Security Development Lifecycle

Established, secure coding practices with security tooling and automation to ensure a secure software build and deployment.

Scans, Testing, and Patching

Regularly scheduled scans and vulnerability tests on key assets assist to identify vulnerabilities, and are followed by remediation. 

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