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AVIA has recognized WELL Health’s patient communication platform as an AVIA Vetted and Market Validated product in 2020.

WELL has been proven to address unified patient communication and engagement, based on the needs and criteria of AVIA Members.

WELL is the enterprise-proven patient communication platform. It allows enterprise health systems to control all patient communications, whether they’re automated, direct, or from third-party vendors. It allows health systems to switch seamlessly between automated messages and real-time (live) interactions — delivered the way patients want.

“Receiving the AVIA Vetted and AVIA Market Validated designation confirms our shared vision for helping solve healthcare’s biggest strategic challenges,” said Guillaume de Zwirek, WELL founder and CEO. “By unifying patient communication, we’re able to streamline messaging from myriad vendors and departments into one, seamless conversation with the patient.”

AVIA Vetted

In response to the needs of AVIA Members, AVIA conducts due diligence around specific topic areas and vets companies and products, evaluating the strength of the product and the health of the company. Products that receive this badge have been proven to address one or more challenges effectively based on the needs and criteria of AVIA Members. Members make their own decisions about which products are right for them.

AVIA Market Validated

AVIA market validated products are determined to have market traction — such as successful adoptions, moving to scale, and/or positive reviews — in addressing a specific challenge or topic.

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AVIA is the nation’s leading digital transformation partner for healthcare organizations. AVIA provides unique market intelligence, proven collaborative tools, and results-based consulting to help solve healthcare’s biggest strategic challenges.

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