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The partnership supports vaccine distribution communications and helps providers future-proof their patient engagement.

WELL™ Health is excited to announce a partnership with Twilio, the leading cloud communications platform. The WELL Health and Twilio partnership offer two leading solutions to accelerate the implementation of patient communications during the pandemic. The partnership comes at a time when the need to communicate with patients securely and quickly has never been more critical.

With the demand for the vaccine outweighing the supply in many locations, timely communication can help eliminate waste and ensure more people are vaccinated. In order for the distribution to be successful, appointment scheduling, reminders, and follow up messages are crucial pieces to provide for patients. With both vaccines in the U.S. requiring two doses, scheduling a second dose appointment is vital for a patient’s full vaccination. 

“Healthcare providers are under tremendous pressure to efficiently and securely communicate with patients throughout this pandemic, especially as many providers coordinate COVID-19 vaccine communication and schedule vaccine appointments at unprecedented numbers,” said Guillaume de Zwirek, CEO and founder, WELL Health Inc. “We’re committed to doing what’s best for healthcare providers by offering the right patient communications platform, from WELL Health or Twilio, to quickly implement patient messaging at a time when patients and providers need it most.”

The WELL™ Health and Twilio partnership offers two leading solutions

The WELL Health and Twilio partnership allows providers to evaluate two trusted, HIPAA compliant options through a single partner, eliminating the time and resources it takes to assess multiple vendors and making it easier to quickly deploy the power of digital communications. As the world increasingly shifts from in-person care to telehealth, digital patient engagement is more important than ever. In addition to vaccine and COVID-related communications, healthcare providers need to communicate with patients about everything from scheduling to prescription refills to managing chronic illness and more. Through the partnership, providers can:

  • Build a convenient patient engagement platform using Twilio’s services 
    • This route supports healthcare providers who opt to create purpose-built workflows on top of Twilio’s SMS system and voice delivery APIs.
  • Leverage a pre-built patient engagement platform by WELL Health
    • The only pre-built platform offering conversational, multilingual messaging in 19 languages – texting, email, telephone, and live chat. 

“Healthcare providers are eager to proactively help patients, yet many have struggled to implement a comprehensive patient communications strategy that lets them engage patients on their preferred channel,” said Susan Collins, global head of healthcare at Twilio.  “This partnership simplifies the decision-making process for providers, making it easier to focus on what matters most – delivering timely, patient-centered care.”

This partnership news follows a recently-announced collaboration between WELL Health and Cerner Corporation, an EHR leader, making WELL Health the patient-communication solution for Cerner’s customers. With solutions for health systems, provider practices, home health organizations, federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) and other provider organizations, WELL Health’s intelligent communications hub integrates with all major EHRs and patient payment platforms safely and securely.♥

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