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Epic is an amazing platform, and WELL can help you realize its full potential. That’s especially true where MyChart is concerned.

Even at the very best of times, portal enrollment can be an uphill battle.

A recent, large-scale study led by University of Michigan professor Denise Anthony confirms it. The study found that among patients who had health insurance and had visited a doctor in the last year, 63 percent of them had not used a portal during that time.

That’s where WELL can help. Our secure system is designed to integrate with Epic in ways that will increase patient enrollment. And that’s not just theoretical. Cedars-Sinai reported a 19% increase in MyChart portal enrollment using WELL.

Enrolling patients in Epic MyChart:

When a patient schedules an appointment, WELL’s system can request an enrollment code from Epic, then embed it in a link that we’ll send to the patient. When the patient clicks that link, they’ll go straight to your enterprise’s MyChart portal.

This makes portal enrollment nearly effortless. The link auto-populates with the enrollment code and other necessary information; the only thing the patient has to do is enter their personal information for security (usually birthdate and the last four digits of their SSN).

Downloading the MyChart app:

For patients who are already enrolled, scheduling an appointment can trigger a message with a special link to your organization’s MyChart iOS or Android app.

If the patient has already downloaded the app, the link just takes them directly to it, encouraging them to take a look around. If they haven’t, they’ll be taken straight to the app store to download it.

Once a patient is enrolled:

Epic can send MyChart notifications through a third-party messaging vendor. When you use WELL for those notifications, those messages will go out when new information is available, encouraging patients to actually use their portals. They’ll receive notifications of incoming lab results, unread messages from a provider, new billing statements, and much more.♥

If you have any questions about enhancing your MyChart enrollment—or anything else—don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re at (833) 234-9355 or [email protected].

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