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Artera Care Assist

Virtual Assistants for Healthcare Marketing

Engage and acquire patients by connecting them instantly with the information they need. As a virtual assistant, Artera Care Assist, powered by Hyro, can be available 24 hours a day on your website to answer patient questions while reducing staff burden.

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At a glance

  • Integrate and go live on your website within days
    Instant value from day one using content from sources you define
  • Automatically surface up-to-date website content using AI
    Provide a HIPAA-compliant, AI-based engagement channel that is always on, always learning and ready to respond
  • Human support for your patients is one word away
    Patients can easily request a live agent; staff can quickly reply via the Artera Harmony staff console
  • Improve your patient experience and loyalty starting with their first website visit
    Deliver a modern, convenient virtual assistant that includes your colors, tone, and logo
  • Get reports with patient engagement analytics to optimize responses
    Voice of the patient data and visibility to top keywords

Consumer-like experiences without additional staff burden

Artera Care Assist, a virtual assistant for healthcare marketing, meets patients in their moment of need. Using natural language, patients can ask the intelligent virtual assistant questions and immediately receive answers.

Artera Care Assist can be deployed in just a few days and operational shortly after. Deliver a modern patient experience, drive deeper patient engagement, and reduce barriers to care.

reduce abandonment-virtual assistants for healthcare marketing
Reduce Website Abandonment
better experiences- virtual assistants for healthcare marketing
Deliver a Great Brand Experience
happy customers-virtual assistants for healthcare marketing
Create Happier Patients
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Learn how virtual assistants for healthcare marketing can help you enhance patient experience before the appointment.

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"Millions of patients visit healthcare providers' websites each year. Artera Care Assist expands our industry-leading patient communications technology to those patients and enables health systems to consolidate more of their communications into a single, integrated platform,"

- Guillaume de Zwirek, CEO and founder of Artera.

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- Guillaume de Zwirek, CEO and founder of Artera.

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