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Unlocking Patient Engagement

The Power of Advanced Communication Approaches

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Creating a successful patient communications plan is a critical aspect of how healthcare providers engage with their patients. Today’s U.S. healthcare patients are willing to switch providers when their needs and expectations are not met. To better understand what drives effective patient communication, the Artera Data Insights team conducted a messaging analysis which explored the following questions:

  • What are the components of effective patient communication?
  • Which messages deliver high levels of patient engagement?
  • What communication best practices should providers deploy to meet the communications expectations of patients?

In a six-month long study, Artera Data Insights conducted an extensive analysis of over two billion patient outreaches, encompassing more than 750 healthcare provider organizations, to gain insights into the factors influencing patient engagement.

Unlocking Patient Engagement: The Power of Advanced Communications Approaches

Key Findings

Messages delivered via long code significantly improve patient response rate

Messages sent via long code

patient response rate

Messages sent via short code

patient response rate

Patient response rate improves when messages are delivered in a patient’s native language

rate increase on average, across our analysis of four different language cohorts

A significant portion of patients only use a landline, meaning they cannot be reached via SMS/text messages.

of patients use only landlines

According to Accenture’s Health Experience report


of patients report ease of navigation as a reason for leaving their provider.


cite access factors as drivers for selecting a new healthcare provider (i.e. customer service, digital solutions, connecting to their provider through their preferred channels).

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Unlocking Patient Engagement: The Power of Advanced Communication Approaches

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About Artera Data Insights

The Artera Data Insights Team is responsible for analyzing billions of patient communications sent within the Artera platform on behalf of more than 750 healthcare systems and federal agencies. We are passionate about leveraging the latest advancements in conversational AI, NLU and ML to reduce staff workload, improve health equity and automate delivery of actionable insights to turbo-charge the patient experience.

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