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Lakeside Community Healthcare Taps Artera For Population Health Outreach


success rate from pop health campaign


appointments booked

Lakeside Community Healthcare is an affiliate of Heritage Provider Network (HPN), which has provided affordable and quality healthcare through its network of medical groups for more than 30 years. 

  • 34 primary care providers
  • 7 pediatric providers
  • 26 specialty providers
  • EHR: NextGen


Lakeside Community Healthcare is committed to improving the well-being of its patients. That includes ensuring their pediatric patients are keeping up with well-child exams – visits that offer an opportunity to screen for developmental issues, deliver immunizations, provide anticipatory guidance and identify and treat disease. 

Despite the many benefits of well-child exams, up to one-half of these visits are missed – and since the pandemic, these rates have continued to experience a sharp decline. According to various studies, children who miss their well-child visits have an increased chance of going to the emergency room or being hospitalized.


To address this challenge, Lakeside Community Healthcare collaborated with Artera to launch a targeted population health campaign aimed at motivating families to book well-child exam appointments for their children. 

In November and December 2023, the Lakeside team launched a campaign to 189 families who received personalized communications, encouraging them to schedule their child’s screening appointment.

"Another year has gone by and it’s almost time for [name] to come in for their Well-Child Exam. [Dr. name] is looking forward to seeing them! If you would like to schedule an appt please provide us with days/times that work best for you."
Sample Message

Key Takeaway:

The successful execution of this campaign not only led to an increased number of preventative health appointments but also highlighted the effectiveness of personalized, targeted communications in improving patient engagement.


success rate from pop health campaign


appointments booked