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Vive 2024

With over nine years of experience and handling over 2.2 billion interactions annually, Artera sits at the forefront of patient engagement. Our platform integrates across a healthcare organization’s tech stack, EHRs and third-party vendors to unify, simplify and orchestrate digital communications into the patient’s preferred channel. As a trusted partner to over 700 healthcare facilities, Artera facilitates seamless connections between patients and healthcare providers.

Building a Modern Patient Engagement System

Our approach to patient engagement is grounded in a unique framework, likened to a well-structured highway, ensuring clear, coordinated and efficient patient communication. In the videos below, our CEO and Founder, Guillaume de Zwirek, discusses the four building blocks of a modern patient engagement system: a unified communication highway (the road), a diverse marketplace of vendors (managed via on-ramps and off-ramps), strategic communication rules (road signs), and a comprehensive normalized data store for all patient interactions (speed traps). This infrastructure not only simplifies the healthcare communications journey for patients but also empowers providers to deliver superior care. Hear more in the video excerpts below from the ViVE 2024 presentation, “What is Patient Engagement?” as Guillaume de Zwirek discusses the core components of a modern patient engagement system.


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