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ARTERA Referrals

Simplify and Improve the Referral Experience

Reduce in-system referral leakage and maximize conversions with automated referral workflow support that increases patient outreach, engagement, and loyalty.

The problem

Referral Leakage Impacts Patients & Providers


of healthcare administrators are looking to improve in-network referral rates to increase patient retention1


of healthcare providers are not confident that they have tools to address patient leakage2


is the approximate cost of losing one patient over the patient's lifetime3

 Increase engagement and referral conversions

Hand-off Referrals to Artera

Artera Referrals creates automated, omnichannel referral outreach to modernize the care experience and eliminate manual referral management.

ArteraReferralsicon 1

Simplify provider and patient experience

ArteraReferralsicon 3

Improve efficiency, engagement, and conversions

ArteraReferralsicon 2

Increase patient loyalty and uncover insights

product features

Drive Results with Referral Templates

Rapidly deploy personalized referral outreach by using turn-key, leading practice conversation templates.

Automatically receive referrals from the EHR to trigger referral outreach from a known number on the patient’s preferred communication channel

Customize outreach and manage message fatigue with messaging rules that abide by TCPA hours

Reduce call center overload and increase referral conversions with throttling to improve referral conversion


referral performance analysis

Uncover Insights & Improve Efficiency

Less than half of providers have data needed to understand their own referrals.4

Access comprehensive reports on referral management and conversions

Track analytics to understand workflow performance, engagement, and revenue outcomes

Monitor outreach performance and uncover opportunities for higher conversions


Customer Story

UNC Health Streamlines Referrals with Artera

Automated referral outreach to close care gaps

Reduced time-consuming manual referral management processes

Increased their referral conversion rate

See Artera Referrals in Action

Learn how you can increase your referral conversion rate, eliminate manual outreach, and improve patient engagement. 

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