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Experience the Future of Patient Communication:

Conversational Messaging

Do your patients want conversations or transactions?

Conversational messaging provides personalized, interactive communications between the patient and their provider.

It goes beyond one-way automations and older two-way healthcare texting solutions. Instead of transactional responses, it offers a friendlier experience, similar to messaging with family or friends.


Conversational Messaging in Action

Hear from leading health systems about how conversational messaging is helping them increase staff efficiency, enhance the patient experience and improve their bottom line.

Advantages of

Conversational Messaging

Explore the potential of conversational messaging, which offers patients a truly personalized experience as they engage in real-time dialogues with their providers.


Creates personalized interactions by tailoring communication based on individual preferences and behaviors.

conversational-messaging-increased engagement
Increased Engagement

The interactive nature increases engagement levels, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.


It's adaptable to various communication channels, allowing users to engage through their preferred platform, enhancing accessibility.


Automate routine tasks, reducing manual workload and freeing up staff for more valuable tasks.

Reduced Call Volume

Since your patients can get quick answers via text, they’re less likely to call your office staff with basic questions.


Handle a large number of interactions simultaneously, without comprising quality.

Level up your patient communication

Discover the power of Artera’s conversational messaging.

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