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As the world anticipates an efficient vaccine distribution to the public,  Well Health Inc., has unveiled the WELL™ Health Vaccine Deployment Program to help healthcare providers rapidly execute secure patient messaging for COVID-19 vaccine communications.

WELL™ Health’s Vaccine Deployment Program can be implemented in as little as five days and integrates with all major electronic health record companies (EHRs) and patient payment platforms with safety, security, and privacy.

Healthcare providers can use WELL™ Health’s Vaccine Deployment Program for all aspects of vaccine communications including patient education, vaccine safety reassurance, appointment scheduling, adverse event monitoring, and more.

Since December 2020 when the first COVID-19 vaccine became available in the U.S., WELL™ Health has been used by more than 70 healthcare systems to send over 845,000 COVID-19 vaccine-related communications and schedule around 53,000 COVID-19 appointments.

“With COVID-19 rates skyrocketing and more vaccine supply becoming available, healthcare providers must rapidly identify, educate and engage millions of patients around the COVID-19 vaccine,” said Guillaume de Zwirek, CEO and founder, WELL™ Health Inc. “Using our WELL technology to manage COVID-19 vaccine communications significantly reduces a hospital staff’s administrative burden and call center volume.  WELL also allows healthcare staff to focus on high-touch interactions such as deploying the vaccine itself.”

De Zwirek notes that WELL™ Health’s Vaccine Deployment Program uses WELL™ ChatAssist to configure and automate hundreds of vaccine-related workflows to manage patient questions, appointment scheduling, virtual waiting rooms, post-discharge follow up, adverse event monitoring, and more.

WELL can be used to communicate with patients throughout the entire vaccine process, making this crucial process easier for patients and healthcare providers. WELL even allows providers to schedule second dose appointments immediately following the first to ensure patients return to get their second dose.

WELL™ Health’s Vaccine Deployment Program:

  • Pre-Appointment Checklist Distribution
  • Outreach and Reassurance
  • Adverse Reaction Feedback
  • Second Dose Follow-up
  • Rapid Deployment and Implementation

Tip sheet and playbook

Beyond the implementation of the Vaccine Deployment Program, WELL™ Health also launched the COVID-19 Vaccine Tip Sheet and Playbook in early December 2020, created in partnership with clinical advisors.  The playbook offers tactical tips and language for healthcare providers to guide patients through the COVID-19 vaccine process. The tips work natively with the WELL™ Health communication platform but can be used with any patient communication tool.

COVID-19 vaccine in the news

Just last week, President elect-Joe Biden announced his plans to release all available COVID-19 vaccine doses, creating a need to make patient communications, appointment scheduling, and monitoring adverse events even greater. As new patients become eligible for the COVOID-19 vaccine, particularly those from underserved communities, the ability to communicate in multiple languages with cultural relevance is crucial. It is also essential that health communications are available via SMS text messages instead of just being internet-based since not everyone has access to internet services. The WELL Health communication platform has become key in helping health providers close the digital divide in order to reach this patient population♥