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To Date, WELL Health Has Helped Providers Send 4 Million COVID Vaccine-Related Messages and Facilitate More than 1 Million COVID Vaccine Appointments1

WELL™ Health is introducing COVID Vaccination Self-Scheduling which is available through third-party partnerships with industry-leading, HIPAA-compliant self-scheduling systems. The new self-scheduling tool will help healthcare providers further expedite vaccination efforts and engage large patient (both EHR and non-EHR) populations at affordable prices, as low as $250 per vaccination location per month. 

“To date, WELL Health technology has successfully helped providers send 4 million COVID vaccine-related messages and facilitate more than 1 million COVID vaccine appointments,” said Guillaume de Zwirek, CEO and founder, Well Health Inc. “We want to accelerate those numbers and know we cannot do it alone, especially when time and lives are on the line. By partnering with industry-leading self-scheduling partners, we can offer healthcare providers superior technology, multiple options to meet their unique workflows, and competitive pricing, all while staying focused on what WELL does best: exceptional patient communications.”

Advancing the pace of vaccine distribution

Healthcare providers can use WELL Health’s COVID vaccine self scheduling feature to accelerate vaccine distribution by: 

  • Securely messaging large patient groups, including existing EHR patients and non-EHR patients 
    • This feature helps providers reach underserved communities, who might be out of a health system’s EHR network
  • Allowing eligible patients to self-schedule, both vaccine appointments, rather than staff manually-scheduling appointments 
  • Improving appointment slot utilization so all appointments and vaccine doses are utilized 

WELL Health offers new and helpful solutions and partnerships that help healthcare providers solve the problems we face today during the COVID-19 pandemic. Along with COVID Self-Scheduling, Well Health’s newly launched Vaccine Deployment Program authorizes providers to quickly execute patient messaging, patient education, vaccine safety reassurance, and appointment scheduling for both vaccines, which can be implemented in as little as five days.  

By unifying and automating disjointed communications across healthcare organizations, WELL Health reduces unnecessary provider stress and potential errors, while increasing patient visits and loyalty.


1Data from 12/9/2020 to 2/11/2021, provided by WELL Data Insights