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It’s no question that data is driving health care. Approximately 30% of the world’s data volume is generated by the healthcare industry today. By 2025, the compound annual growth rate of data for health care will reach 36% – a rate that’s substantially faster than other industries such as manufacturing, financial services, and media and entertainment. Despite significant demand for better access to data across the entire industry, it can be quite challenging to not only devote resources – staff, time, and money – to data analytics but also learn how to cut effectively through the noise and analyze the data available to you. 

Today, we’re excited to share that we are empowering our customers to explore their data, on their time, without requiring engagement from Artera. Our customers have indicated that they love the dashboards and reports that are available to them: in fact, 100% of enterprise organizations that have Analytics Plus utilize it every month. However, there are times when they also want to manipulate the data for deeper insights or present it differently than the default views that we provide. Our new Self Service capability within Analytics Plus provides the flexibility to explore, understand and develop custom analyses for their specific needs. 

As healthcare organizations become increasingly invested in technology and digital solutions, providers are seeking opportunities to leverage their data to improve patient engagement and experiences – major contributing factors to driving business results. What’s more, direct access to data and self service functionalities can help health systems solve operational and strategic challenges, fueling efficiencies and operational excellence across an entire organization.

What does data mean to you? 

Let’s face it: data can be confusing and complex. If you’re familiar with the healthcare landscape, you know that data is a diverse, overwhelming beast that is unlike data in any other industry. 

Layer in numerous vendors, platforms, and EHRs into the mix, and your data explodes into a never-ending collection of facts and statistics, likely leaving you with many questions. Unfortunately today many solutions also require you to contact the vendor for customized reports and analysis, leaving you to guess, wait, and hope the result will answer your questions.

And data alone does not provide much value. In fact, data without action is quite meaningless. So while you may have a plethora of numbers and statistics, it’s all about how you’re utilizing them that truly matters. 

Health systems are waking up to this realization and recognizing the need for a sound data strategy to drive real change across their organization. This includes utilizing self service analytics and empowering end users to dive into their data, answer their own questions, act on their answers, and drive efficiencies across their organization. 

So, if you’re someone in the industry working with a patient communication platform, some – or most – of these questions have likely crossed your mind: 

  • How do I develop insights from the data we have available?
  • How do I access data from my tools?
  • How can I understand what this data means in the greater context of my organization?
  • How do I understand how my patient communication tool is delivering value?
  • How do I optimize the way we use our patient communication tools and other technologies?

Do More With Your Data: Artera Analytics Plus + Self Service Analytics

We’re here to help. Whether you’re interested in understanding how your tools are creating an impact across your organization and the patient experience or you’re the one responsible for reporting on the impact and manipulating data to achieve goals, you’re likely interested in gaining greater access to your data. 

With Artera, healthcare organizations who use our patient communications platform receive advanced analytics that elevate reporting capabilities, power unique insights, and improve data value and transparency. Specifically, Artera Analytics Plus with newly added Self Service functionality empowers users with the ability to independently explore, understand, and develop unique insights from their patient engagement data. 

While other analytics tools simply aggregate across their customers, Artera allows you to make data-driven decisions with complete access to the data collected within your platform instance across all user skill sets. 

Use Analytics Plus with Self Service Analytics to get started quickly with predefined reports, then customize them to meet your specific business needs. Create, modify, filter, and save edits to over 30 existing dashboards and reports to track key business metrics with precision and access a creative space to develop custom reports that you can share across your organization or with the customer support team to optimize operations. 

Artera Analytics Plus with Self Service Analytics

Elevate Reporting Capabilities  

Independently extract key metrics from larger dashboards and reports to maximize impact and quickly access what is most important to your organization. Develop your own personalized reports by modifying and saving existing reports or building your own. 

Here are a few ways you can better understand your patient engagement data with Analytics Plus and Self Service Analytics:

  • Modify reports like Link Clickthrough Rate to understand rates of patient engagement with outbound information
  • Understand which practices receive the highest volume of patient messages with the Inbound Message Volume report
  • Track patient satisfaction over time with the PES Results report

Power Unique Insights

Leverage customizable reporting for deeper information and support data-driven decision making. Tailor data outputs on-demand to align with business needs.

Here are a few ways you can further develop data-driven solutions to critical pain points within your organization: 

  • Dive into the Campaign Effectiveness dashboard to A/B test campaign messages to develop content that generates higher response rates with key demographics
  • Drill down into the Inbound Keyword Automation report to develop new automations for common patient inquiries to save staff time
  • Analyze the No Show Trends dashboard for insights into effectively reducing patient no shows

Improve Data Value & Transparency

With Analytics Plus and Self Service Analytics, explore areas for growth with full control over your own data from across the organization. Access data across the entire platform, build a collaborative data environment across teams and independently craft datasets with the support of a built-in data dictionary. You can even retain your data with available download options.

Here are a few ways you can enhance your data exploration: 

  • Utilize the Campaign Delivery report to explore how effective outreach efforts are at reaching different patients
  • Confirm administrative information is up to date with the Practice and Location Information look
  • Review the Executive Dashboard for snapshots of organizational health and dive deeper on specific metrics

How one Artera customer utilizes Analytics Plus with Added Self Service Functionality

Data insights provide value to organizations of all sizes and data capabilities. For one Artera customer, Esperanza Health Centers – a Chicago-based Federally Qualified Health Center –  data is a significant piece of the patient communications puzzle. In fact, they have an analyst dedicated to data and outcomes, who uses Artera Analytics Plus on a regular basis to improve their patient communication strategy. 

As an Analytics Plus and Self Service Analytics user, Esperanza now has unlimited access to their data where they can “get more thorough details” and obtain the full picture as they continue to refine their patient engagement strategy. 

One example of this is how Esperanza leveraged an existing Artera Analytics Plus dashboard and modified it using  Self Service Analytics to unlock powerful insights that uncovered different response rates and engagement to their content testing. Furthermore, they were able to bypass the arduous step of pulling in data from an external EHR system and could simply complete their analysis within Artera.

More specifically, they used A/B testing to optimize campaign content and messaging. By  looking at generic vs. personalized messages, short vs. long messages, and messages with links vs. those without they could create a hypothesis on which might be the best approach and then prove the results using data contained within Artera. Collaborating with their quality department, they uncovered that for patients who needed a specific screening, it was most helpful to send a text with a more personalized note, including the first name of the patient. This ultimately helped them optimize their campaign content and increase response rates across this population. 

“Building trust with our patients always begins with clear, accessible communications,” said Gabriela Chavez, health data analyst at Esperanza Health Centers. “Ensuring that those communications are effectively driving higher quality, better outcomes, and lower cost requires a comprehensive analytics tool like Self Service Analytics. Its capabilities are allowing us to gather critical information about our campaigns, identify steps to improve their performance, and ensure that specific populations are receiving timely and appropriate care.”

Want to learn more? Download our infographic here or check out

Enable Self Service Analytics under your Analytics Plus license to develop additional data insights. Please reach out to your Customer Experience Representative for more information. 

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