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modern health provider dashboard

By: Karri Alexion-Tiernan, VP of Product Marketing

Artera serves 800+ healthcare providers across the country. These providers represent various care facility types and specialties including Hospitals, FQHCs, Academic, Pediatric, Orthopedic and more.  

As these systems work to modernize their patient engagement and improve the experience they provide, Artera collaborates with their staff to automate conversations, deliver scheduling information and provide robust analytics that enable them to tune their communications to drive deeper engagement and follow through with their patients. When using Artera Harmony, customers realize benefits including reduced gaps in care, improved no-show rates, better slot utilization, better patient response rates and improved patient satisfaction.

Now more than ever patients have more choices in where they receive their care. This creates a competitive environment for providers and health systems to ensure not only do they offer a variety of services and their providers are well received by patients but also that their digital experience meets the patient on their terms, desired channels and within their timeframes. These new demands for a consumer-like, simplified and timely experience put more pressure on the patient experience than ever before and those who deliver a modern experience have the opportunity to reduce leakage, increase referrals and drive greater patient satisfaction.

Today, we are announcing two new analytics dashboards that are available with Artera Harmony – No-Show Recovery and Patient Engagement Benchmark Dashboard.

Customers will gain visibility into no-show rescheduling and the associated financial benefits and benchmark bullseyes that organizations can use as a target for improving their patient engagement compared to their peers.

Modern Health Provider Dashboards – Patient Communication 

First, our new No-Show Recovery Dashboard delivers insights that enable health systems to see the value of following up with patients who chose not to arrive at their appointments for one reason or another.  All Providers will benefit from understanding:

  • The total number of confirmed appointments as their baseline
  • The total number of no-shows that were rescheduled
  • The percent of no-shows recovered and the estimated total revenue recovered 

For those health systems that have multiple practices, they will gain the additional benefit of seeing no-shows and revenue recovery for each practice.

For example, one organization was able to recover an estimated $2.8M by rescheduling 18,000 no-shows over a 6-month period.

modern health provider dashboard

When combined with our “No-Show Outreach” template in Artera Harmony, providers can automate the conversation to recover a no-show patient by attempting to reschedule them to try and prevent leakage or perpetuate a gap in care because the patient didn’t follow up. This template is built based on leading best practices and is ready for immediate use. It provides the ability to request if the patient would like to reschedule and assist them, capture a reason if they choose not to reschedule, and provide access to a staff member if needed. More than fifty templates are available in our Conversation Packs to improve patient communication and engagement.

modern health provider dashboard

Second, our new Patient Engagement Benchmark Dashboard helps healthcare providers better understand how they are performing in comparison to their peers. Using obfuscated patient engagement data we have established benchmarks representative of the 700+ systems and their associated types and specialty. This is a tremendous amount of data correlated across 2.2 billion messages annually, reaching 100+ million patients – that not only shines a light on the performance of the past and present, but gives a target for health systems to strive for to track improvements that will move them into a better position against their competition, but even more so, improve their patient experience.

Artera Harmony customers can view their Patient Engagement performance compared to their peer group on four key benchmarks.

  • Patient Response Rate – Total patients reached that had a response 
  • Appointment Reach Rate – Appointments that received at least one automated reminder
  • Patient Confirmation Rate – Total appointments confirmed
  • Patient No-Show Rate – Total number of patient no-shows

Each peer group has an associated benchmark for the areas above, meaning not all peer groups perform the same therefore, it’s not appropriate to use a single benchmark. Each organization is assigned to a group which is either the top or bottom 50% based on total appointment volume. The benchmark performance is calculated based on a variety of automated outreaches performed by Artera Harmony within a defined timeframe.

In one example when evaluating the Academic cohort over fourteen days, we could see that performance varied where one health system performed significantly better against 3 out of 4 metrics compared to another who performed below, at varying degrees, all four of the benchmarks.

You Can’t Fix What You Can’t See

While it’s easy to send communications to patients, doing it well is a skill that many healthcare organizations are still aspiring to achieve – it’s extremely challenging to fix what you can’t see. Data is pivotal in helping many types of companies optimize their performance every day. It helps software companies improve their products for their users, it helps manufacturing companies reduce errors in their assembly lines and it helps marketers with insight into what messages are resonating with their customers.  

Patient Communications within Healthcare should be no different. The data provided by these new dashboards can inform providers on how they can do better for their patients. After all, as humans, we respond to calls to action, but we respond best when they are timely, in the context of our situation, and deliver a positive outcome when engaged. The No-Shows Recovery Dashboard and the Patient Engagement Benchmark Dashboard further expand our robust analytics by giving providers new insight that can not only help teams pinpoint areas of improvement to meet or exceed the benchmark in patient engagement but can also improve their outreach performance, no-show rates and their bottom line. 

To learn more, check out our Analytics Page.

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