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Many providers today find themselves using antiquated, manual paper-based form, intake and payments processes – despite the many disadvantages of doing so. Not only do these waste time for the patient but they can increase the chances of information errors and draw out the billing and collections process. The result? Slowed down operations, patient frustration and revenue leakage: a true disjointed experience. 

Leave Manual Processes in the Past

With Artera’s cohesive, all-in-one digital Patient Intake & Payments solution, health system leaders have an opportunity to revolutionize this process and deliver a modern, consumer-like patient experience. By leveraging automation, digital tools and integrated platforms, we can elevate patient experiences, streamline workflows and drive financial success for your organization. 

Understanding the Importance of Patient Intake

Patient intake is the gateway to clinical care, encompassing all the administrative tasks that precede a patient’s first interaction with a healthcare provider. This includes collecting demographic information, insurance details, medical history, consent forms and more. Traditionally, these tasks have relied heavily on manual data entry and paper forms, leading to inefficiencies that can bog down the entire process.

Today, roughly 39% of healthcare workers are still entering patient intake data manually

Operational Inefficiencies: Manual processes are time-consuming, prone to errors and require significant staff resources. These inefficiencies can disrupt daily operations and detract from valuable time that could be spent on patient care.

Financial Repercussions: Ineffective patient intake processes can result in claim denials, delayed payments and revenue leakage. Health systems must ensure accurate and timely data collection to avoid these financial pitfalls.

Patient Dissatisfaction: Lengthy wait times and cumbersome paperwork frustrate patients, negatively impacting their overall experience and satisfaction. This dissatisfaction can lead to lower patient retention and reduced trust in the health system.

Implement Artera’s Intake and Payments Solution to Deliver a Seamless End-to-End Experience 

At its core, Artera’s Intake & Payments solution is a cohesive digital alternative to manual intake and payments processes, designed to revolutionize the patient and staff experience. This all-in-one solution aims to simplify billing procedures, reduce errors and ultimately save valuable time for both healthcare staff and patients.

Key Features and Benefits of the Solution


  • Secure the appointment via friendly, automated messaging sent from the provider’s trusted 10-digit phone number. 
  • Automatically capture form and screener responses, insurance verification and upfront payments while providing consumer-like cost transparency in an ad-free experience.


  • Further enhance the patient experience with upfront cost transparency in-office by completing a second real-time insurance verification and enabling patients to pre-pay.
  • Patients can complete unfinished forms and be digitally served any new ones — without having to interact with staff.


  • Post-visit, communicate payment links, billing reminders, instructions and surveys with automated, conversational messaging.
  • Patients can easily make payments, and provider staff can see real-time progress in their dashboard

By automating and digitizing patient intake and payment processes, we offer a pathway to:

  1. Capture More Revenue, Faster: With our advanced software, healthcare providers can streamline billing and payments, reducing the incidence of claim denials and expediting revenue collection.  Pre-visit payment options and transparent cost estimates help patients manage their financial responsibilities, fostering a sense of trust and clarity. In one example, our solution has saved a customer up to $500k from going to collections, underscoring its efficacy in preventing revenue leakage.

2. Save Time and Resources: Transitioning to digital processes eliminates the need for manual, time-consuming tasks and minimizes the risk of entry errors. With features like real-time data validation, automated solutions like Artera’s also ensures that information is captured accurately and swiftly. Our solution boasts an 85% shorter check-in time compared to manual processes, freeing up staff to focus on what truly matters: patient care.

3. Delight Patients: Digital intake forms enable patients to complete paperwork at their convenience, often before they even arrive at the clinic or hospital. This flexibility reduces wait times and initiates the patient-provider relationship on a positive note. By providing a convenient and seamless check-in experience, without the hassle of login requirements or disruptive ads, we ensure patients start their healthcare journey on the right note. Our system is designed to instill confidence and satisfaction, fostering loyalty and positive engagement.

In addition to these key benefits, modern intake and payment solutions like Artera’s integrates smoothly with electronic health records (EHRs), ensuring that patient information is readily available and consistent across all healthcare touchpoints. This integration supports better clinical decision-making and enhances care continuity.

The Future of Patient Intake and Payments in Healthcare

The transformation of patient intake and payment processes represents a significant leap forward for health systems. As digital solutions become increasingly sophisticated, we can anticipate even greater enhancements in efficiency, patient experience and financial outcomes. Future innovations may encompass advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and personalized patient interactions, further elevating the standard of care.

Leading the Charge Towards Healthcare Innovation

In an era where patient expectations are evolving rapidly, and healthcare systems face relentless pressure to optimize operations, embracing modern patient intake and payment solutions is no longer optional – it is a strategic imperative that can unlock new levels of performance and satisfaction.

Artera’s Intake & Payments solution exemplifies the potential of digital transformation in the industry, offering a robust set of features that cater to the needs of modern healthcare organizations. By automating and digitizing patient intake and payments, this innovative software addresses the critical pain points of health systems, offering a pathway to enhanced efficiency, financial success and patient delight. 

Join us in revolutionizing the patient intake process, ensuring a brighter, more efficient and patient-centric future for healthcare. For more information on how Artera’s Intake & Payments solution can transform your healthcare organization, click here or download our infographic, here.

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