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Is basic texting enough?

More healthcare companies are finally seeing the value of patient communications and starting to offer basic outreach tools.

The catch? They may offer less functionality than what your patients and staff need.

Basic vs better

What's the difference?

Artera can fill the gaps of basic outreach tools to automate and deliver communication that goes beyond basic texting.

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Basic Texting
Better Conversations
Powered by Artera

Omnichannel communications driven by EHR Insights

Delivering Business Results

Learn how other leading health systems are using Artera to provide customized patient experiences, streamline staff efficiency, and drive significant improvements to their financial performance.

decrease in no-shows
increase in referral fufillment
increase in survey completion

Level up your patient communication

Why settle for basic texting, when you can deliver better conversations via Artera?

Success Stories

Artera in Action

UNC Health

Renowned health system UNC Health used Artera to improve call center goals by 15% – 28%, leading to lower staff…

Eisenhower Health

Learn how Eisenhower Health answered patient demands for texting with Artera’s enterprise-level patient communication platform. The Results 88% reduction in…