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Practices and Clinics

Equip Your Staff for Better Outcomes

Provide your staff with the communication tools they need to amplify their impact on practice and patient health.


Features & Benefits

Keep Patients Engaged
and Staff Focused

Our flexible healthcare communication platform streamlines operations
so that your staff can apply a more personal touch to the care they provide.

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Our patient communication platform helps you keep patients engaged and staff happy.

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Conversational messaging
allows patients to ask questions
and build a strong relationship
with your practice.

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Communicating with patients
is simple and flexible; staff
users love our streamlined platform.

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Automated Workflows

Automate routine communication and operations so you can do more with fewer resources.

Busy hospital with doctor browsing on tablet for test results, patient records and medical research from above. Healthcare professional and expert working on treatment plan in a bustling clinic.

Our systematic solution empowers you to establish clear and concise messaging for virtually every part of a patient's experience, including medication reminders, education, program enrollment invitations, and more.

Customize a cadence of appointment reminders to reduce no-shows and provide ample notice of any cancellations.

Quick response templates make it easy for staff to answer common patient questions with prompt responses.

“Artera is one of those rare solutions that makes the patient care experience better without breaking the bank. The operational efficiency that Artera unlocks makes it a financial win-win, which is a breath of fresh air!”

Suzann Crowder

Administrator, Signature Medical Group

“Implementing Artera was the best decision Mountain View Medical Center made all year.”

David Swartout

Chief Operations Officer, Mountain View Medical Center

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Easy and Flexible Integrations with Leading EHRs
and More

Unite your existing systems with Artera to enhance your workflows and enable happier staff, healthier patients, and a smiling CFO 👩‍💼.



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