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WELL™ Health Enables Health Systems to Engage Patients Personally and at Scale, Earning It the 2020 MedTech Breakthrough Award for Best Overall Patient Engagement Service

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., May 19, 2020 — MedTech Breakthrough has selected WELL Health Inc. as the “Best Overall Patient Engagement Service” in its 2020 Awards Program.

The MedTech Breakthrough Awards recognize the top companies, people, platforms, and products in the health, fitness, and medical technology industries today.

The evaluation criteria for the program are focused around the concept of innovation: Does the product introduce new capabilities of significant improvements? And does the product perform to a degree that surpasses competitors or previous solutions?

“WELL breaks through the noise in digital health,” said Matt Kozlov, Managing Director, Techstars, who encouraged WELL to apply for the award. “Its innovative approach to unifying patient communication across health systems and vendors solves complex and critical problems in healthcare.”

MedTech Breakthrough Awards received more than 3,750 nominations. Roughly 100 companies received the coveted award. Other 2020 winners include Livongo, Johnson & Johnson, Peloton, Eli Lilly & Co., WebMD, Medtronic, Oscar Health, and Zebra Technologies.

“Now more than ever, patients want to be engaged and proactive in their care. Healthcare has an opportunity to elevate customer service to an experience that exceeds what they find in other industries,” said Guillaume de Zwirek, WELL founder and CEO. “It is an honor to be recognized for our work in patient engagement and alongside so many leaders in MedTech.”

Patient engagement solutions abound in the crowded market but many are missing one critical element — the patient. Automated appointment reminders, digital patient education campaigns, and CRMs all claim to engage patients but it’s a one-way street. WELL™ Health allows patients and their healthcare providers to build real relationships through conversational messaging.

Health systems around the country used WELL to reach patients during COVID-19 with education and safety information, to coordinate virtual waiting rooms, and to reschedule patients.

WELL enables patients to communicate with their providers via text message, phone, email, or live chat, all in their preferred language. That means that not only can health systems reach out to patients with appointment information and routine communication, but patients can respond and even initiate conversation. WELL is a game-changer for patients.

WELL also routes all communication from vendors and individual departments within a health system into a single conversation. That way, patients receive all of their communication from one source and a number they recognize. Also, office staff can see the entirety of a patient experience, from scheduling and reminders to billing and lab results all in one channel.

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About Well™ Health Inc.

WELL™ is the last-mile patient communication infrastructure for healthcare. We enable enterprise health systems, private practices, and vendors to communicate with patients securely across any channel, including text messaging, email, telephone, and live chat.

With WELL, patients receive all of their healthcare communication from one trusted source — their provider. The platform empowers service representatives to seamlessly converse with patients in real-time, ensuring patients feel heard while driving staff efficiency and increased revenue.

Founded in 2015, WELL is based in Santa Barbara, California, and is the highest-rated patient engagement software on G2 (January 2020). WELL serves many of the country’s leading health systems and powers best-in-class experiences for more than 50,000 healthcare professionals and 20 million patients.