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Rajiv Pramanik

Rajiv Pramanik, MD

Chief Medical Informatics Officer, Contra Costa Health Services

Dr. Rajiv Pramanik is the Chief Medical Informatics Officer at Contra Costa Health Services (CCHS). In this role, he serves as Chair of the Office of Informatics and Technology and Chair of the Information Technology Steering Committee (ITSC) for Contra Costa Health Services. The ITSC has oversight of all technology at CCHS which has approximately a 2 billion dollars in revenue and is the largest department at Contra Costa County. CCHS has a traditional delivery system, and in addition has a health plan (CCHP) with approximately 190K lives, Public Health Division, Behavioral Health Division, Environment and Hazardous Waste Divisions and oversight on EMS for the county. Dr. Pramanik also has the analytics team report through his office at the Office of the Director of CCHS to drive data driven decision making.

His expertise extends into quality improvement work, as is a member on the Safety Net Institute’s (SNI) Quality Advisory Group, where he previously was a board member. SNI in conjunction with the California Association of Public Hospitals work with the California Department of Healthcare Services and CMS to determine many of the value-based-care pay-for-performance reporting measures for public hospitals and Medi-Cal payors in California.

He recently was an Associate Professor at UCSF in the Family and Community Medicine Department where he also had informatics responsibilities and served on the Executive Committee for Zuckerberg San Francisco General. Currently he continues to do clinical work in the Emergency Department at Contra Costa Regional Medical Center. As a care provider and leader in a safety-net health care system, he is experienced in caring for and developing technology services for diverse, low-income patients, which well positions him to develop technology in engagement diverse populations.

His objectives are to advance health care delivery, patient outcomes, and patient experience through data driven decision making utilizing lean process improvement methodology.