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Working with You to Deliver Effective Patient Communication

We unify communication across every stage of the patient journey, improving operations and increasing profits.

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The Patient Journey

Meaningful Health Conversations in a Single Platform

Connect with your patients on every step of their care journey. Simplify your workflows through automation while keeping the flexibility to adapt when you need it. 

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Young asian woman using a smart phone. Mobile communication.

Find Care

Use automated patient communication to keep your organization top of mind when patients need you most.

Expand visibility of your healthcare services

Keep patients healthy with preventative care

Increase conversion rate of referred patients


Get Care

Connect with patients to streamline appointment processes and ensure they receive the care they deserve.

Reduce patient no-shows with appointment confirmations

Automate appointment prep support

Increase staff productivity, reduce staff burnout

A senior man patient and doctor sitting on bed in hospital, looking at camera.
A senior man patient and doctor sitting on bed in hospital, looking at camera.

Advance Care

Stay connected with patients after and between care cultivating better outcomes. 

Facilitate patient portal access and usage

Automate after-visit patient outreach with multi-step sequences

Collect performance-based metrics


Easy and Flexible Integrations with Leading EHRs and More

Unite your existing systems with Artera to enhance your workflows and enable happier staff, healthier patients, and a smiling CFO 👩‍💼.


Wondering if Artera is a Fit for You?

Learn how our flexible platform brings value to different types of healthcare organizations.

We Value Security and Privacy


Get Started

Find Out How Artera Can Help You

Looking to get started? Take the first steps toward discovering just how Artera can improve your healthcare solution.