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Insights at your fingertips

Artera empowers users with functionality to explore, understand, and develop unique insights from their patient engagement data.

The best part: It’s on-demand.

Data without actionable insights is useless

Artera Analytics Plus and Self Service Analytics can help you get started quickly with predefined reports, then customize them to meet your specific business needs.

Elevate reporting capabilities
  • Consolidate reporting workflows to maximize efficiency across teams
  • Understand critical metrics to make informed decisions
Power unique insights
  • Create custom reports aligned to organizational metrics
  • Develop data-driven solutions to your organization’s unique needs
Improve data transparency
  • Increase data transparency with complete access to your data
  • Explore your data for areas of organizational growth

How Our Customers Are Powering Unique Insights

Dayton Children’s Hospital used Analytics Plus with Self Service Analytics to streamline processes which resulted in 854 fewer outbound phone calls. Read their story

“The data we are able to source provides us valuable insight into the patient experience. With it, we can measure the impact of our communication strategies, identify any issues or opportunities within individual departments, gauge patient engagement, and review historical data to inform our next steps in patient communication.”

Mindy Becker Digital Engagement Program Specialist, Dayton Children’s Hospital

Esperanza Health Centers modified an Analytics Plus dashboard to include additional demographic details that enabled them to increase campaign response rates. Read their story

“Building trust with our patients always begins with clear, accessible communications,” said Gabriela Chavez, healthcare data analyst at Esperanza Health Centers. “Ensuring that those communications are effectively driving higher quality, better outcomes, and lower cost requires a comprehensive analytics tool like Self Service Analytics. Its capabilities are allowing us to gather critical information about our campaigns, identify steps to improve their performance, and ensure that specific populations are receiving timely and appropriate care.”

“From an executive perspective, the rich pool of data available in Artera enables us to closely monitor patient engagement in the form of response rates to link clicks and more, helping us glean operational insights to improve staff efficiency and the patient experience.”

Artera Customer CIO

"Artera’s analytics space is great. With Artera's product, we have a tangible growth agenda, and we are always able to project where we want to be and where we are going and act on that. We love that Artera always has new products."

Artera Customer Director
Self Service Analytics

Analytics Plus

Access data across the entire platform in addition to everything included in Core. Dive deeper into metrics that matter most with advanced self-service functionality.

Soon to be available as an embedded experience, allowing seamless access to standard reports without navigating outside the platform.

100% of enterprise organizations that have Analytics Plus utilize it every month

Self Service Analytics

Leverage customizable reporting within Analytics Plus for deeper information and support data-driven decision-making. Tailor data outputs on-demand to align with business needs.

Independently develop custom reports on-demand

Create, modify, filter, and save edits to over 30 existing reports to track and measure key business metrics

Develop custom reports and share within the organization to optimize operations

Alter formulas and visualizations for clear and impactful data outputs tailored to the questions that matter most.

Self Service Analytics 3
Analytics Core

Analytics Core

Immediate access to a set of standardized reports for perspective on high-level, industry-standard metrics.

Allows seamless access to standard reports without navigating outside the platform.

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