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Outages got you down?

Go-live in 3 - 7 days with a lightweight version of our Enterprise offering.

Our 2x Best-in-KLAS leadership proves that customers trust Artera as their partner in patient communication. With messaging uptime at 99.9% this year, you can count on Artera.


Artera Rapid Release Program

Artera’s Rapid Release Program is a lightweight version of our Enterprise offering. To implement in the shortest time possible, the Rapid Release Program deployment relies on a daily batch file upload, which offers near-complete Artera functionality. With this program you get:


  • Multi-Channel
  • Conversational Platform
  • Unlimited Communications
  • Campaign Messaging


  • Quick Responses
  • Smart Phrases
  • Mentions (User Triage)
  • Multi-Lingual Support


  • HITRUST Certification
  • User & Permission Management
  • Full Audit History
  • Secure Messaging


  • Unlimited User Licenses
  • Desktop, Web & Mobile
  • Message Routing
  • User Group(s)


& Services

  • SFTP File Transfer
  • Training 
  • Full Audit History
  • Phone Line(s)

Artera messaging uptime

In addition to the industry's highest security certifications, and top-customer ratings, our messaging uptime is 99.9 percent this year.
reliability and trust

"[Artera]'s security program is particularly impressive, and security has clearly been a primary focus since the company’s beginning. [Artera] has made sure to consider the end-to-end data flow process, and they’ve conscientiously deployed all the necessary controls to best address safety, privacy, and potential risk."

Deepak Chaudhry. BDO, National Health IT & HITRUST Leader, President of Houston HIMSS Chapter

Why is this important?

Risks of Downtime

Frame (5)

Cost an average of $200 per appointment

Frame (6)
Staff on phones

Increases burnout potential and decreases time with patients

Frame (7)
Impact Care

Downtime delays care for patients that have urgent needs


Check out our Trust and Security page

We Value Security and Privacy


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