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Better Healthcare Through Better Conversations

Leverage a single-channel experience to streamline patient communications throughout their care journey.

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Features & Benefits

Empower Patients' Voices

We make it easy for patients to get the support they need: Artera listens to
their feedback to bring great customer service to healthcare.

We're making healthcare #1 in customer service: Artera implements
feedback and makes sure that every patient is heard.

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Communicate with patients through convenient conversational messaging on their preferred channel.

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Unite all patient information
so that patients have everything
they need in a single channel.

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Monitor communications
in real-time and resolve
potential issues in the patient experience.

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Artera's platform encompasses the entire patient journey, from initial care to the lasting outcome.

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Contacting care providers over the phone can be a hassle. More responsive communication channels like email or text enable more clear and concise messaging between healthcare institutions and patients.

Bill estimates, itemization, and other pricing communication practices keep customers informed and prepared.

Patient satisfaction surveys help us identify new areas where we can improve to provide the best possible experience.

“This was a way for the patients to tell us ‘We really enjoyed coming to you’ and ‘Thank you for being there’. But even when a patient isn’t satisfied, they can text as many words as possible to tell us how they really feel. They’re comfortable enough to just type away.”

Betty Lee

Director of Patient Access, Sansum Clinic

“With the extra time, we can focus our care team on more patient-focused activities and follow-up.”

Mark Steffen

Chief Administration Officer, Primary, Eisenhower Health

“We found that our patients feel really comfortable texting us back. We’ve had full-on conversations with them using text, handling everything from medication refills to medical record requests.”

Ana Alatorre

Practice Scheduling Manager, Community Memorial Health System

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Easy and Flexible Integrations with Leading EHRs
and More

Unite your existing systems with Artera to enhance your workflows and enable happier staff, healthier patients, and a smiling CFO 👩‍💼.



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