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January Customer Newsletter


Status page now at

The status page has moved to Visitors to will be automatically redirected to the new URL, but please take a moment to bookmark the new URL today. If you’re unfamiliar with the status page, it is your go-to resource for maintenance and downtime events updates. To make it even easier, you can subscribe to alerts at the top of the page.

Customer-facing sites now LIVE with Artera Branding!

Rebrand resources


Streamlining Analytics Plus Reports

To streamline your access to insights and eliminate duplicate reports, we are retiring the Automations Review report on February 1, 2023. The information from that report will now be available by accessing the Full Automations Breakdown report. This report is more robust, provides equivalent metrics, additional filtering options and advanced analysis capabilities. No need to wait, the Full Automations Breakdown report is available for immediate use.

Receive Secure Analytics in Your Email

Now you can receive secure reports over email from your customer experience team! Beginning February 1, 2023, email messages from Artera Analytics will be sent from The previous email, will no longer be used, so be sure to update your whitelist with this new email address to receive these reports.

Reduce Language Barriers, Deliver a Better Patient Experience

With 109 language options now supported in the platform, you can reach a wider audience of patients in their preferred language. New languages can be used across Automations, Campaigns, Broadcasts and more. Specific language availability will vary by message type and delivery method. Learn more. 

Important: Languages must be enabled prior to use, otherwise, they default to English. Contact your Customer Success rep to initiate the process.

COMING SOON: Artera short code replacement

Artera’s Universal Short Code (81906) will soon retire due to new guidelines from US phone carriers requiring one unique line per customer. This short code currently serves to support broadcast messaging above a certain threshold (e.g., 30 msgs/hour), campaigns, and as a fallback, to ensure message deliverability. Starting January 2023, Artera will begin to transition customers to their own high-volume toll-free line. Action is not required. Your Customer Success representative will alert your team when your phone line is set to change.

Release Notes & Accessibility Updates

Access our Release Notes Page at any time for the latest details on new features, bug fixes, accessibility updates, and hotfixes.


New User Resources

As we enter a new year with new team members, please review and share Artera’s Get Started Guide found in our Knowledge Base and our FREE Artera Platform Overview Course found in Artera Academy. These resources make onboarding new teammates in Artera a snap!

Do you prefer live training? If so, catch us in one of our upcoming webinars, hosted every Wednesday at 12 PM PT. Our next two sessions will train new-to-Artera users on how to navigate the platform effectively!


Boost Patient Connection with Contact Cards

Build trust with patients and increase response rates by sending your contact card to patients! Contact cards allow patients to quickly and easily save your organization name and phone numbers, improving future text and call outreach with a known number.

  • Allow new patients to save your contact number with ease
  • Increase responsiveness to your messages by patients
  • Brand text messages sent by your organization 

Learn about this use case and more in the Use Case Library.


Q1 2023 Product Update Webinar

Please join us on Thursday, March 16, 2023 at 10:00 AM PT/1:00 PM ET for our next What’s New at Artera: Quarterly Product Update Webinar. Topics will include: 

  • New product features and enhancements in the Artera platform
  • Support topics
  • Upcoming educational opportunities

Can’t make it? Register and you’ll receive the recording post-event!

Artera Product Education Webinars

Join us every Wednesday at 12 PM PT to ensure you are taking full advantage of Artera. To see our full schedule and register for webinars, review our Training Calendar.


New Artera Report Finds Clinical Staff Burnout Remains High, Though Down From Peak Pandemic

We recently released our second annual report, State of Clinical Support Staff, which looks at clinical support staff burnout, its impact on patient care, and trends in patient communication.

This year’s findings paint a different picture than last year’s report, which was commissioned during the peak of the pandemic. While still high, this year’s study found that 70 percent of clinical support staff report moderate to severe burnout, but that’s lower than last year when burnout levels among the same group were extremely high at nearly 90 percent. 

The report also found, that according to clinical support staff:

  • The use of digital patient communication tools is on the rise
    • 48% are texting, emailing, and digitally messaging with patients more frequently than early days of the pandemic.
  • Their burnout impacts care quality
    • 33% report their burnout negatively impacting patient care quality
  • Digital patient communication can help improve access and outcomes; CS support staff believe it:
    • Allows patients to engage more in their health (64 percent)
    • Increases access to healthcare (78 percent)
    • Helps address disparities for underserved patients (67 percent)
    • Helps address social determinants of health for their patient populations (71 percent)

To download the full report, visit Artera’s State of Clinical Support Staff webpage.


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