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Amazing news: Built in LA has placed WELL on its list of “50 Best Small Companies to Work For” in 2019! You can view the full list here. Built in LA, for those who don’t know, is the major site covering startups and the tech environment in the greater Los Angeles area. This award is designed to highlight companies that offer competitive salaries, great benefits, a flexible working environment, and desirable perks.

And that describes us perfectly. At WELL, we pride ourselves on delighted employees, an inclusive culture, and a high-energy, positive office environment. We could go on for ages about how great it is to work here, but in an effort to streamline things a little, we’ve narrowed it down.

Here are 10 top reasons why WELL is a fantastic place to go to work.

1) Our product is amazing. Seriously. “I work with our clients who are going live with the product,” explained Michael Chen, a WELL implementation specialist. “I’ve never had a client upset or frustrated with the way WELL works. It’s usually more of a surprise about how easy it was for the team to make the transition and how positively patients respond.” Patients love the convenience, staff love that it streamlines their workflow, and we love what it does for our self-esteem.

2) Working for a great cause. “Our product is having an impact on the real world and helping patients communicate better. It actually has a real benefit,” said Rob Curtis, WELL’s product manager. Mo Chakravarty, an operations associate, agreed: “I feel like we share the common goal of improving the patient experience, which is so universal. It’s such a noble goal.”

3) A fantastic company culture. Whether it’s the happy hours at Good Lion, the monthly speaker series (we recently welcomed entrepreneur Kevin O’Connor), or just our regular weekly stand-up, we pride ourselves on having engaged, enthusiastic employees. We celebrate our successes, hold exciting events, and volunteer together. “It’s an energetic work environment where people are collaborative and also become friends rather than coworkers,” said Emily Kerr, WELL’s operations coordinator. “I enjoy the fun experiences and the perks.”

4) Upward mobility. WELL is growing at light speed, thanks in large part to a dedicated, ambitious team. And as we grow, we’re rewarding that ambition, recognizing employees who have set their sights on greatness and giving them more opportunities to have an impact. WELL employee Tom Sims started as a member of the sales team. Less than a year later, he became a senior manager—his awesomeness was just unmistakable. “It’s been a wild first year at WELL! I’ve been promoted, seen my peers get promoted, and even done some promoting myself,” he said. “It’s amazing to know contributions are recognized and valued here.”

5) Three words: Downtown Santa Barbara. We’re in the heart of a gorgeous city, steps away from some truly hip bars, enticing shops, and irresistible places to eat. (We’ll happily tell you the best places to grab an artisanal soda or poke bowl.) Then there’s the amazing weather. “Santa Barbara is one of the best places to have a work-life balance,” Michael said. “And you can wear flip-flops all year round.”

6) We like each other. Really. “We have a sense of family,” said Mo. “Anyone in this office is someone I’d want to spend time with outside of work, so coming into work really doesn’t feel like a chore at all.” WELL employees know what’s going on in each other’s lives, hang out after work, and laugh together around the water cooler—or the office beer keg, stocked by local brewery Draughtsman Aleworks.

7) Diversity and inclusion. We’re well aware that a diverse team means a better, more productive workplace. “As we grow, we are focused on building a strong team culture,” said Tom McIntyre, WELL’s chief of staff. “We recognize that you can’t do that successfully without a diverse workforce that feels empowered to communicate and share ideas.”

8) Flexible schedule. No clock-checking or card-punching here. We trust our employees and know they work hard. “At WELL, we care about results. We offer flexible schedules because we want employees who are driven to achieve great things,” Tom McIntyre said.

9) Unlimited time off. We get it: everyone needs vacations. And at WELL, you take the time off you need: no building up hours, no fretting over every sick day. “I love having the freedom to be able to take a vacation without having to count my hours. I work hard, and it’s great knowing I can take the time when I need it,” Emily said. We expect that you’ll head to Hawaii—or Cancun or Nepal— every year. And when you get back, we expect to see pictures.

10) Dog-friendly office. From Rizzo the husky to Nala the Goldendoodle, WELL’s dogs are family. “I like that I can take breaks and go for a walk with my dog,” said Kendall Martin, a business development representative who takes her lab mix, Layla, to work. “It keeps it more light and fun, and people come by my desk to pet my dog and hang out and chat.”

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